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Dura History

The name DURA® is synonymous with 'Durability' Specializing in Ultra-High Performance 'Ductile' Concrete (UHPdC). The company was established in 2006, which believes with the advancement of technology in the field of building material, concrete can go further heights, maximizing its potential and capability. Here, we at Dura Technology Sdn Bhd, we aims to bring building material and building system into the light of greener construction; seeking the best solutions to achieve greener effect for a sustainable development at the minimal cost. We aspire to become a company that is build on respect and trust to our clients and we endeavours to bring Malaysia' and South-East Asia's concrete technology into greater heights, making architects blueprints into reality through advanced engineered. We are concern of the challenges that are faces by the industry, the country and the communities; therefore we will dedicate our attention and resources to pursue solutions for all.


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