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2010 Projects

Ultra Light Weight & Durable DURA L-Shape Retaining Wall For A Busy Road Like Jalan Kota Bahru, Gopeng, Perak.

Project: To supply, Delivery, Install of 76m long x 2.5m Tall Retaining Wall at Jalan Kota Bahru, Gopeng, Daerah Kinta, Perak D.R.

Structure Type: 2.5m tall x 72m long L-shaped retaining wall

Superstructure Feature: 36 pieces of DURA® SRWS2520

Substructure Feature: 600mm think well compacted crusher-run

Loading Type: Soil backfilled + 20kPa surcharge load

Client: JKR Kinta   JKR

Contractor: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd

Contract Period: 1 month

Construction Period: 1 week

Construction Status: Completed

Original Site at Jalan Kota bahru
Ultra-light weight 2.5m tall L-shaped retaining wall
Dura SRWS2520
Transportation of retaining wall
Day 1 - Excavation work
Day 1- Laying of L-shaped retaining wall
Day 2
Day 4, a total of 76m long retaing wall was constructed
After 1.5 years
Site view after 1.5 years
Original Site at Jalan Kota bahru
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