2010 Projects

Kg. Linsum Bridge - Malaysia’s First 50m Single Span UHPdC Composite Motorway Bridge, Negeri Sembilan.

Linsum - panaroma

Project: Cadangan Kerja-Kerja Menggantikan Sebuah Jambatan Konkrit (MTB) Serta Kerja-Kerja Berkaitan Di Kampung Linsum, Mukim Rantau, Daerah Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Structure Type: 50m x 4m composite bridge crossing Sg. Linggi

Superstructure Feature: 1 piece of DURA UBG1750-50m topped with 200mm thk in-situ RC deck

Substructure Feature: 600mm diameter spun pile

Loading Type: Full HA+30HB loading (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Negeri Sembilan   JKR

Contractor: Rolla Enterprise

Contract Period: 9 months

Construction Period: 5 months

Construction Status: Completed

Original Site, broken bridge crossing Sg. Linggi, Rantau (1/08/2010).
First segment of Dura UBG1750-50m demoulded after one day casting (16/10/2010).
Transportation of UBG1750 segments to job site (16/11/2012).
Assembly of first end segment of the precast U-beam using a 45 tonnes mobile crane (16/11/2010).
Aligning second segment.
Aligning third segment.
Fourth segment aligned.
Full beam aligned at job site (17/11/2010).
PC strands installed at the bottom ducts and ready for stressing (23/11/2010).
Positioning of anchorage plates.
Stressing work in progress (23/11/2010).
Full beam ready for launching (02/12/2010).
Lifting of Dura UBG1750-50m using 2 units of 160 tonnes mobile crane (03/12/2010).
One end of the beam placed on a trolley.
Beam tow over the river using A-frame transfer girder.
Beam successfully positioned on to the abutments (03/12/2010).
Casting of in-situ RC deck (20/12/2010).
Contractor check the beam instantaneous deflection at the midspan right after casting the RC deck (20/12/2010).
RC deck casted (30/12/2010).
Completed bridge (27/01/2011).
Kg Linsum bridge.
Load test with a 22 tonnes weight excavator placed at the midspan (20/01/2011).
Kg Linsum bridge (before opening ceremony).
After 2 years the Kg. Linsum bridge still looks brand new (07/12/2012).
Original Site, broken bridge crossing Sg. Linggi, Rantau (1/08/2010).
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