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2012 Projects

New Bridge for the Villagers at Kampung Beng, Lenggong, Perak

Project: Kerja-Kerja Membina Jambatan Baru di Kampung Beng, Lenggong, Perak. D.R.

Structure Type: Single span 12m long by 3.5m wide UHPdC integral beam-deck system

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of DURA® TBG1325-12m and 12 pieces DURA® SRWS2520

Substructure Feature: Pad footing

Loading Type: Full HA+30HB loading (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Perak   JKR

Consultant: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd (in-house design)

Contractor: Salmaju Enterprise (Class E)                 

Contract Period: 2 months

Contruction Period: 3 months

Construction Status: Completed

Original site.
Abutment constructed.
Abutment constructed, ready for beam launching.
DURA L-shaped retaining walls used as slope protection.
A road ramp to the bridge.
Unloading of precast Dura double T beam using a single 25 tonnes crane.
Unloading of precast Dura double T beam.
Complete set of bridge-deck successfully launched onto the abutments using two units of 25 tonnes crane.
Railing installed.
Completed bridge.
Original site.
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