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New Bridge for Kg Malau, Hulu Perak.

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Project: To Construct a Concrete Bridge at Kampung Malau, Lawin, Hulu Perak District, Perak D.R.
(Membina Jambatan Kampung Malau, Daerah Hulu Perak, Perak D.R.)

Structure Type: Single span 30m long by 3.5m wide (MTB-R1) UHPdC integral beam-deck system.

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of DURA® TBG1325-29.5m

Substructure Feature: 200mm square RC piles

Loading Type: Full HA+30 units HB loading (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Hulu Perak (Perak)   JKR          Consultant: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd (in-house design)

Contractor: Ziz Majubina Sdn Bhd

Contract Period: 4 months  

Status: Completed

A narrow access road toward the collapse old bridge.
Collapse RC pylons.
Collpase RC pylon at other side of the bridge.
Bridge was wash-away by a severe flood early this year (2012).
Mr Zaina from JKR Hulu Perak giving briefing to participated contractors during the side visit and open tendering day (04/10/2012).
Manufacturing of the first UHPdC bridge girder (13/12/12).
Transportation of DURA T beams using low loader (22/12/2012).
Unloading beam 1.
Unloading beam 2.
Two beams assembled near job site (22/12/2012).
Driving of RC pile in progress (12/02/2013).
Abutments ready for concreting (30/03/2013).
Abutments ready for beam launching (24/05/2013).
Upload prestress beam onto truck (27/05/2013).
First beam launched.
First beam launched.
Two beams launched and ready for stitiching.
Completion of in-situ UHPDC joint.
Pierless Kg bridge at Kg. Malau.
Kg Malau bridge almost complete construction (18/06/2013).
Compacting crusher run (22/06/2013).
Wearing surface laid (23/06/2013).
After half year (22/12/2013).
A narrow access road toward the collapse old bridge.
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