New Bridge at Kampung Banjar, Ayer Tawar, Perak

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Project: To Replaced a Old Concrete Bridge at FT071/2/698  of Kampung Banjar, at Laluan FT071 Jalan Beruas, Ayer Tawar, Manjung District, Perak D.R.

(Menggantikan Jambatan Konkrit FT 071/2/698 Kampung Banjar, Di Laluan FT 071 Jalan Beruas - Ayer Tawar, Daerah Manjung, Perak D.R.)

Structure Type: Single span 12m x 12m wide UHPdC integral beam-deck system.

Superstructure Feature: 8 pieces of DURA® TBG875-12m

Substructure Feature: 300mm diameter spun piles

Client: Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia      KKr        

Consultant: Jurutera Perunding Concrete Technology

Contractor: Belanti Wangsa (M) Sdn Bhd      belati wangsa

Contract Period: 4 months   

Status: Completed

Project sign board.
Existing old RC culvert over Sg. Raja Hitam (13/02/2013).
Existing old RC culvert over Sg. Raja Hitam (13/02/2013).
1st stage of piling work in progression (23/03/2013).
Phase 1 RC abutments (28/04/2013).
Beam launching (03/05/2013).
Joint stitching work in progress (03/05/2013).
Elevation view of the newly launched Kg Banjar bridge.
Laying of binder course (1st phase).
Completion of 1st stg.
2nd Stg. Piling in progress.
PDA test in progress (14/06/2013).
Second phase beam launching (19/09/2013).
Beam launching completed (19/09/2013).
Completion of bridge work (25/09/2013).
Completion of bridge work (14/10/2013).
Sealing road.
Kanping Banjar bridge.
Completed after half year (26/04/2014).
Completed after half year (26/04/2014).
Completed after half year (26/04/2014).
Project sign board.
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