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13 Nos. of DURA Bridges Used in JPS Kedah Flood Mitigation Project

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: Pembinaan Lencongan Sungai Baru (CH0 - CH12600) Dan Menaiktaraf Sungai Anak Bukit (CH0 - CH1750) Serta Kerja-Kerja Berkaitan. Racangan Tebatan Banjir Sungai Kedah/Anak Bukit, Kedah. (Light Traffic Bridge).

(The Construction of New River Detour (CH0-CH12600) and Upgrading of Sungai Anak Bukit (CH0-CH1750) and Other Related Works. Flood Mitigation Plan at Sungai Kedah/Anak Bukit, Kedah. (Light Traffic Bridge).

Nos. of Bridge: 13 

GPS Location: 6.12542N, 100.31113E (Bridge 1); 6.13222N, 100.31421E (Bridge 2); 6.13874N, 100.32272E (Bridge 3); 6.14980N, 100.33459E (Bridge 4); 6.15451, 100.33882 (Bridge 5); 6.15916N, 100.34297E (Bridge 6); 6.16231N, 100.34579E (Bridge 7); 6.16991N, 100.35258E (Bridge 8); 6.18435N, 100.35480E (Bridge 9); 6.19054N, 100.35891E (Bridge 10); 6.19279N, 100.35980 E (Bridge 11); 6.19762N, 100.36559E (Bridge 12); & 6.19941N, 100.36692E (Bridge 13).

Structure Type: Three Spans: 20.5+42+20.5 = 83m long x 4.75m wide DURA composite bridge

Superstructure Feature: 6 pieces of DURA® IB650-20m & 1 piece of DURA® UBG1750-42m  per bridge

Substructure Feature: 2 nos. of cast in-situ RC abutments and 2 nos. cast in-situ RC piers

Foundation Feature: 450mm dia. Spun piles (Class B)

Loading Type: HA + KEL loading Only (BD37/01)

Client: JPS Malaysia  jps

S.O.: JPS Alor Setar, Kedah

Consultant: Jurutera Perunding Concrete Technology (Alternative Design)

Contractor: Redmax Sdn Bhd / Maltecon Builder Sdn. Bhd.

Contract Period: 12 months

Construction Status: Completed


LTB9 site (18/05/2015).
PDA test in progress, tested load 142 tons (18/05/2015).
Two nos. of 450mm dia. Spun pile have been driven to length (18/05/2015).
Unloading U-beam segment (01/07/2015).
Three U beam segments unloaded (01/07/2015).
Unloading I-beams (02/07/2015).
Cleaning of PT ducts before beam assembly.
Assmebly of UBG1750-42m using 45 tonnes mobile crane.
Lifting of UBG segment
Two segments assembled.
Lifting of last segment.
Positioning of last end segment.
Positioning of DURA IB650-20m for external span.
Timber formwork use for external span.
Concreting in-situ RC decking.
Complete Bridge 3.
LTB9 site (18/05/2015).
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