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2019 Projects

First Dura Footbridge in China

Project: Extension and Reconstruction of Huadu Avenue (North Approach Junction of Airport to Cotton Tree Drive)


GPS Location: 23.435640 N; 113.301292 E

Structure Type:
Double Span 30m by 5.3m wide Double T-UHPC Bridge Girder

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of Double Tee- Integral Beam-Deck Bridge

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC piers

Foundation Feature: 1m dia. Bored piles

Loading Type: 5 kPa

Client:    广州市花都区地方公路管理站 Guangzhou Huada District Local Highway Management Station

: 广州市公路勘察设计有限公司  Guangzhou Highway Survey and design Co. Ltd

Contractor: 广东华隧建设集团股份有限公司   Guangdong Hua Tunnel Construction Group Co. Ltd

Construction Status: Completed       

General arrangement of Huadu footbridge.
Typical Cross section view .
Batching of UHPC at the casting yard.
Casting of Zhonglu-Dura UHPC footbridge.
Typical cross section.
Full span 30m T beam casted in one shoot.
Match casting for second beam (210319).
Match casting with visitors (210319)
Dura double T footbridge (060419).
Air curing of the beam with plastic sheet used to cover the beam.
Steam curing of the beam.
Briefing for installation team prior to beam launching.
Parking of two units 260 tonnes mobile cranes (070819).
Lifting of the first double-T girder.
Lifting of the first double-T girder.
Positioning of the first ZhongLu-Dura double T girder using 2 units 260t mobile cranes (070619).
First girder installed (070619).
Lifting of the second double-T girder.
Two girders successfully installed.
The completed first ZhungLu-Dura Footbidge at Huadu.
Huadu Footbridge using UHPC material.
Completed bridge.
General arrangement of Huadu footbridge.
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