2019 Projects

China Foot Bridge 2 - Double Span 30m

Project: Extension and Reconstruction of Huadu Avenue (North Approach Junction of Airport to Cotton Tree Drive)


GPS Location: 23.434114°E, 113.210209°N

Structure Type: Double Span 30m by 5.3m wide Double T-UHPC Bridge Girder

Superstructure Feature
: 2 pieces of Double Tee-Integral Beam-Deck Bridge

Substructure Feature
: Cast in-situ RC piers

Foundation Feature
: 1m dia. Bored piles

Loading Type
: 5 kPa

:    广州市花都区地方公路管理站 (Guangzhou Huada District Local Highway Management Station)

Consultant: 广州市公路勘察设计有限公司 (Guangzhou Highway Survey and Design Co. Ltd)

Contractor: 广东华隧建设集团股份有限公司 (Guangdong Hua Tunnel Construction Group Co. Ltd)

Construction Status: Completed
A 30m long double T beam yet to be post-tensioned.
30m long double T beam.
Lifting of ZhungLu-Dura beam.
Positioning second beam.
Beam launching (030820).
Positioning 2nd beam.
Beam launching completed.
A 30m long double T beam yet to be post-tensioned.
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