2013 Projects

Malaysia 2nd UHPdC Motorway Composite Bridge, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan D.K.

panaroma titi

: To Replace an Old Bridge at No.32/08/00, Jalan Kuala Klawang - Titi (N32) Town, Jelebu District, Negeri Sembilan.

(Projeck Menggantikan Jambatan No.32/08/00 Jalan Kuala Klawang – Pekan Titi (N32), Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.)

Structure Type: 50m long by 11m wide composite bridge (R3) crossing Sg. Gemila.

Superstructure Feature: 3 pieces of DURA® UBG1750-50m topped with 200mm thk in-situ RC deck

Substructure Feature: 300mm diameter micropile

Loading Type: Full HA+45HB loading (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Negeri Sembilan  JKR          Consultant: YRA Perunding   YRA perunding

Contractor: Teratak Aeden (JK) Development Sdn Bhd (Class B)

Commence Date: 15/03/2012                Completion Date: 13/03/2013

Contract Period: 12 months

Status: Completed

Project sign board located near job site.
Original site with a 100 years old bridge of Pekan Titi, Jelebu (26/04/2011).
Original bridge consists of multiple columns in the waterway.
Bottom view of the old bridge.
Bursting reinforcement of first end block of Dura UBG1750-50m.
End block of first Dura UBG1750-50m precast beam.
Load proof test of the anchorage zones.
The end-blocks were post-tensioned to its full design jacking force.
Micropiling machine at job site (15/05/2012).
Static loadproof test of micropile at abutment B (04/08/2012).
Match casting of UBG1750 segment (12/08/2012).
Inspection and painting of a UBG1750 segment.
Transportation of UBG1750 segments to bridge site (28/08/2012).
Unloading first segment.
Unloading second segment.
Two DURA U beams aligned (11/09/2012).
Construction of pile cap for abutment B (01/10/2012).
1st DURA UBG1750-50m beam placed the road side.
2nd and 3rd UBG1750-50m beams placed at the road side.
Post tensoning work in progress (02/10/2012).
Stressing of 1st bottom 27K15 tendon.
Inside view of the two U-beams.
RC abutments completion and ready for beam launching (06/12/2012).
Steel transfer girder at sites (06/12/2012).
Transportation of Dura U-beam to bridge site for beam launching (11/12/2012).
Lifting of beam using two units mobile cranes.
Completion of beam launching (11/12/2012).
Bottom view of the bridge.
Bottom view of the bridge.
Preparation of timber formwork for RC decking.
Steel reinforcement for bridge deck slab (29/12/2012).
Concreting of first portion of the RC deck in progress (29/12/2012).
Concreting of first portion of the RC deck in progress (29/12/2012).
Concreting of RC deck (29/12/2012).
Concreting of RC deck (29/12/2012).
Parapet Reo and downpipe.
Second portion of the deck/slab constructed.
Fixing reo. For the final portion of the bridge deck (08/01/2013).
Grouting of the top tendons (08/01/2013).
Completion of RC deck-slab (15/02/2013).
Completed Titi bridge (15/03/2013).
Wearing coarse (05/04/2013).
Completed Titi bridge (07/04/2013).
Completed Titi bridge (07/04/2013).
Completed Titi bridge (07/04/2013).
After half year (26/10/2013).
After half year (26/10/2013).
After half year (26/10/2013).
After half year (26/10/2013).
After half year (26/10/2013).
Project sign board located near job site.
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