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2020 Projects

DURA Single Span Shallow Beam For JPS Pipe Culvert Replacement

Project: To Replace An Old Bridge At Jalan Kampung Nelayan, Teluk Bahang, Daerah Barat Daya, Pulau Pinang

(Pembinaan Jambatan Baru menggantikan Jambatan Lama Di Jalan Kampung Nelayan, Teluk Bahang, Daerah Barat Daya, Pulau Pinang)

GPS Location: 5.459322 N; 100.208538 E

Structure Type: Single Spans UHPFRC Beam Composite In Situ Deck Bridge System: 10m x 9.9m wide.

Superstructure Feature
: 7 pieces of DURA® Shallow Beams 300 x 400 - 12m with Cast In-Situ RC Deck

Substructure Feature
: 2 nos. of Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature
: 250mm x 250mm RC Pile

Loading Type
: HA+KEL or 30 units HB loadings

: JKR Pulau Pinang    jkr pulau pinang
S.O.: JKR Daerah Barat Daya, Pulau Pinang     jkr pulau pinang
Consultant: Perunding Kejuruteraan MK

Contractor: Pembinaan I&R Sdn Bhd

Contract Period: 12 Months

Construction Status: Completed       

Project signboard.
Job Site.
Job Site.
Existing pipe culverts.
Existing pipe culvert.
Demolition work in progress.
Casting of RC300x400 beam.
Mobile crane parking ready for beam launching (190520).
Positioning of first beam.
Seven beams positioned.
Beam launching completed.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Project signboard.
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