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– manhole cover is prefabricated using the revolutionary composite material of ultra-high performance concrete and high-carbon-high-tensile steel fibers (UHPdC). It is an excellent solution for maintenance free construction, preventive measures of road thieves seeing that metal made manhole cover is becoming a valuable source of scrap-steel.
  • DURA® MHC600 is a standard precast manhole topping with clear entrance diameter of 600 mm. Each unit consists of a solid circular cover and a square frame with a circular opening at the centre (see Figure 1).
  • The UHPdC used for DURA® MHC600 has characteristic compressive strength range between 130 to 150 MPa; characteristic flexural strength of 25 MPa and characteristic cracking strength of 7.5 MPa.
  • DURA® MHC600 eliminates the used of conventional steel reinforcing bars and stirrups. All steel fibers used are made from high carbon steel wires with tensile strength of 2300 MPa.
  • High quality cover lifting devices are installed into the unit to ensure the safety during lifting and removal prevention from unauthorized personnel.
Advantages of DURA® MHC600
  • DURA® MHC600 is highly durable and impermeable. It is therefore suitable for use even in harsh environments such as in marine environment or chemical plants.
  • DURA® MHC600 is superior in abrasion resistance. It therefore is negligible maintenance, thus give overall cost saving.
  • DURA® MHC600 is made from highly ductile UHPdC, therefore it has high fatigue strength and generally ideal for impact loading.
  • DURA® MHC600 will not be easily stolen since special lifting device is needed to lift it. Besides, DURA® MHC600 is made from UHPdC and this material does not have the potential theft issue like metal made manhole cover has.
  • Logo of owner can be permanently imprinted onto the surface of DURA® MHC600 cover (see example below).
manhole-2-cover 2
manhole-3-cover 3

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