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Workshop on Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete for JKR Perak Darul Ridzuan

1st February 2010 marks the day of the workshop held for engineers and officers from the Public Works Department Perak Branch (JKR Perak). A total of 150 JKR participants from all over the districts in Perak and a total of 15 engineers came to Dura Technology S/B in Chemor for a workshop organized together with the JKR of Perak with the aim to introduce the technology of Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete to their practicing engineers.

The crowds start to turn up at 8.30am with the Pengarah of Jabatan Kerja Raya Perak, Yg. Bhg. Dato' Dr. Safry Kamal Bin Hj Ahmad, which then started off with an hour of presentation on UHPdC by Dr. Voo Yen Lei. The primary focus of the presentation being sustainable construction, durability of concrete structures, and the significant contributions of construction industry to global warming were highlighted. UHPdC is a green concrete technology that supports the effort on utilizing the remaining resources to its maximum capacity without sacrificing the quality.
After the power-point presentation which saw many feedbacks through Q & A, the crowds continue with the day’s agenda on the demonstrations of DURA®. The first demonstration shows the mixing and casting of a DURA® thin wall panel to illustrate the superior workability and homogeneity of a very low water binding ratio mix design. Engineers were enlighten that even with a low water/binder ratio, the flow of DURA® still maintain and even flows better than conventional concrete. It was described as like "molten steel’s consistency.

Then they go along with the material performance testing. In those tests, attendees witness the high compression and the superior flexure strength properties of DURA® versus High Performance Concrete. Follow by a simple demonstration of the ability to bend. With 9 man of an average weight of 70kg, all of them stand on top of a simply supported 50mm thick by 170mm wide prestressed Dura plank which then deflected up to 150mm. After the men came down of the plank, it recovers back to its original position. All the participants of the workshop were amaze at the flexibility given its thinness. Participants were also given a chance to witness the full scale structural test of a 22m long DURA® universal beam UB650. The structural capacity was demonstrated in the test and many of the participants responded well during the Q & A session. The deminar concludes with a lunch with all the participants and the Pengarah of Jabatan Kerja Raya.

The Pengarah of JKR Perak YB Dr. Safry Kamal giving a closing speech duing the deminar.
Dura Technology R&D Centre and manufacturing plant located at Chemor, Perak
Dura Technology Sdn Bhd front entrance
Workshop for ultra-high performance
Dr Voo delivering lecture for a crowd of 150 JKR Perak officers
Lecture handout
Jurutera daerah Kinta Ir. Abu Bakar Bin Mohd Said asking question during Q&A session
Ketua penolong pengarah kejuruteraan jalan & struktur Ir. Haji Mohd Yusup bin Zahidin asking question during Q&A
The crowd
Enthusiastic crowds in tansitions to the product demonstrations
Y. Bhg. Dato
Dr Voo explaining to the crowds on the advantages of Dura bridge system
Dr Voo explaining how the Dura in-situ joint is water tigh.
Pouring of Dura UHPdC into a wall panel mould to demonstrate its self-compacting capability and homogeneity.
Book written by Dr Voo and Professor Dr Stephen Foster (Australia) and published by a Germany Book Publisher
DURA - Like Concrete Like Steel
Compression strength test
Flexural toughness strength test setup.
Dr Voo explains to the crowd of Dura
DURA plank shows flexibility as like steel plate when 9 adults standing on a 50mm thick prestressed Dura plank and supported over 5.5m
The Pengarah of JKR Perak YB Dr. Safry Kamal giving a closing speech duing the deminar.
Sourvenir in Appreciation made from Dura.
The Pengarah of JKR Perak YB Dr. Safry Kamal giving a closing speech duing the deminar.
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