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The Launching Ceremony Of Senior Officers Meeting Of Public Works Department (Malaysia)

Recently, The Launching Ceremony of Senior Officers Meeting of Public Works Department was held in Ipoh, Perak on 7th June and it was officiated by Y.B Dato’ Shaziman Abu Mansor , Minister of Works . Approximately, 400 senior officers from Public Works Department and divisions throughout Malaysia attended the meeting. Y.B Minister emphasizes highly on the quality improvement in soliciting public issues on their jurisdiction to become a more dynamic and progressive organization. He also added that PWD should concern on being productive and show their integrity in implementing projects under 10th Malaysian Plan.
An exhibition of the industry was also held in conjunction with this meeting, Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd. was one of the exhibitors. Dr. Voo Yen Lei was seen repeatedly introducing and explaining the technology of DURA® to enthusiastic officers and publics whom stop by out of curiosity of the 2.5 m high retaining wall that was brought into the exhibition site. As the exhibition was held at the lobby of the hotel, it is logically that such pre-cast retaining wall of conventional concrete was impossible to be brought into the lobby. However, due to its light-weight and thinness, it makes it possible for the 2 workers to handle the transporting of the DURA® SRWS from the plant to the lobby hotel by just using a simple 2 tone pallet truck. Many of the officers were astonished to see such piece in the exhibition. The exhibition sees many responded well to this new technology that is green and sustainable.
Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd. was also a host to a technical visit by their senior officers two days after the exhibition as part of their meeting programme apart from another visits to the Ipoh-Padang Besar Electrified Double Track site and the Railway Tunnel in Bukit Berapit. On 09th June 2010, a bus full of senior officers from all over Malaysia and East Coast came for the half-day technical visit. Among the participants were the Director of Environment and Energy Efficient Department – Ir. Cheong Pui Keng and Ir. Haji Abdul Manan Bin Embong (Deputy Director of Development of Public Works Department Terengganu. There were also invited guest from the University Putra Malaysia, Professor Ir. Dr. Mohd Salleh Jaafar, Dean of the Engineering Faculty and his associates and also 2 lecturers from University Kebangsaan Malaysia.
The participants were introduced to DURA® Ultra High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete (UHPdC) through an hour of presentation by Dr. Voo and then proceed with the material mixing and casting of DURA® Thin Wall Panel of superior workability and homogeneity of a very low water binding ration mix design. There were also products demonstrations to the participant and the potential saving on materials, maintenance cost, immediate cost saving and time factor saving were all highlighted to illustrate how UHPdC can be a greener concrete that might be the answer to the nations search of green development solutions.
The technical visit ends with the presentation of souvenirs by both party and a lunch for all the pleased participants.
Dr Voo and the VVIP.
1st day of the exhibition
Arrival of the minister of work and other VVIP
Dr Voo explain the properties of Dura UHPdC to the minister of work and the head of JKR.
VVIP showing interest
VVIP seeing the power-point presentation
The exhition
DURA UHPdC as A Green Technology that Supports Sustainable Development
Group photo of participants and host - Dr. Voo
Workshop on ultra-high performance
9th June 2010
Participants enjoying local morning break served
Amongst the guest were officers from National Audit Department.
Dr. Voo with Professor Ir. Dr. Md. Salleh, Dean of Engineering Faculty -University Putra Malaysia
Registration - (front) En. Abdul Halim, Ketua Bahagian Struktur (Keselamatan)
Senior officers from JKR Malaysia and Universities Professors giving attention to DURA presentation
Interesting feedback from Prof. Ir. Dr. Md. Salleh (Dean of Faculty of Engineering, UPM) to Dr. Voo during Q & A Session.
DURA UHPdC presentation by Dr. Voo
Complete research testing set-up in Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd
Eager officers looking at the full scale 22m span structural I-beam during load proof test.
Participants in awe when shown DURA very thin (30mm thick) L-shape retaining wall.
Casting of DURA thin wall panel during the demonstration session
10 tonnes of concrete block resting on a Dura in-situ joint.
DURA plank of 50mm thickness which can support 9 men.
Full scale testing of the 22m beam.
Tokens of Appreciation
Ir. Cheong Pui Keng - Pengarah Cawangan Alam Sekitar & Kecekapan Tenaga with Chairman of DTSB, Dato
Lunch with satisfied participants
Dr Voo and the VVIP.
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