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JKR Negeri Sembilan Visits Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Yang Bahagia Dato' Ir. Dr. Roslan Bin Md Taha, Director of Ministry of Work Negeri Sembilan had graciously visit Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd. in Chemor on the 26th October 2010. It is indeed a gratifying moment as Dato’ Ir. Dr. Roslan is the second Director of State Ministry of Works that visits Dura Technology. He has brought together with him 40 other district engineers, senior engineers and designers.
Several consultants from Negeri Sembilan were also here to experience and catch a glimpse of the new cutting edge and of-of-a-kind concrete technology in South East Asia. The honored guest and participants were treated to a lunch in Impiana Hotel (Ipoh) and then proceed to the plant in Chemor. They were amazed the moment they step foot in Dura Technology Sdn. Bhd. looking at the Wilson Hall – the World’s First Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete (UHPdC). Subsequently, they were given a presentation on Dura® UHPdC and the eager participants were then brought out to tour the manufacturing plant and was shown the mixing and casting of Dura® following the mixing, the casting of the WP35/30 were also demonstrated to give the participants an opportunity to experience the material itself. Engineers were in awe as they saw the flowability and the described characteristics in the presentation all come to real in the casting process.
Following that, the participants were kept in amusement with a 50 mm thick and simply supported over a span length of 5m, bendable UHPdC plank where 10 average men were asked to stand on. Without even cracking or breaking it, and with much more enthusiasm, the plank went back to its original point even after it has been deflected with a midspan deflection of over 200mm.
After this came the highlighted event of this demonstration session, the U-Beam – dubbed as the world’s longest single span UHPdC bridge girder and Malaysia’s first UHPdC bridge were unveiled. This U-Beam is expected to be launched over Sungai Linggi in Kampung Linsum, Rantau, Negeri Sembilan. It is to be a 50m bridge over a river without any column in between and is all prefabricated. The honorable guest, consultants and participant were all in amazement of the wonders this material can do and the Director of Negeri Sembilan Ministry of Works believe that this will bring Malaysia to a higher level in constructions in the world and is able to put Malaysia as a leading. It is truly an eye opening sessions for the guests and participants. Though it was drizzling at almost the end of sessions but it was all worth it.
Guest arrival to DTSB
Dato Roslan Director of JKR Negeri Sembilan giving a short briefing.
Dato Roslan Director of JKR Negeri Sembilan giving a short briefing.
Dato Roslan Director of JKR Negeri Sembilan giving a short briefing.
Pouring of Dura concrete on to a steel mould.
Precast UBG segments.
Cross section view of UBG1750-50m
End block of UBG1750-50m
Dura 2.5m high short retaining wall.
3D view of Dura ultra light weight retaining wall.
Guest arrival to DTSB
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