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Launching of Malaysia’s First UHPdC & The World’s Longest Single Span UHPdC Motorway Bridge Girder

3rd December 2010 marks the history calendar of engineering in Malaysia as it is the date of the launching of Malaysia’s first ever Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete (UHPdC) bridge girder. This record breaking 50 m single span motorway bridge girder produced and designed by Dura Technology S/B and Perunding Faisal, Abraham dan Augustin S/B holds the marvel of engineering. To date, this bridge girder is considered as the world longest single-span prestressed UHPdC bridge girder for motorway application. The previous record was at 48 m in Japan.
The UHPdC bridge girder sat spectacularly across the Sungai Linggi, Rantau (Negeri Sembilan) without any pier/column at the waterway of the river. This piece of marvel demonstrates the unique properties of UHPdC for the application in bridge engineering. It was manufactured in Chemor, Perak and was transported out in seven segments to the site in Kampung Linsum. The site is 2 km off the main road and has narrow trunk road that leads to the main site.
It took two days to set-up the steel framed transfer girder and another one day to completely launch the whole 50 m girder across the river. There were some delayed due to it’s a rainy season. Contractors, JKR engineer representatives and even some villagers were also present to witness this significant event. The beam launching started at 10am and it sits perfectly on its abutment by 4pm. The whole process came by as a breeze though it was the first time for all the engineers and contractors involved.
Kg Linsum
JKR Negeri Sembilan project sign-board
Two units 160 tonnes mobile cranes preparing for beam launching.
Assembly of steel A-frame as transfer girder.
Lifting of Dura UBG1750-50m.
Lifting in progression.
Lifting in progress.
Elevation of beam.
One end of the beam sitting on a prime mover.
Bottom view of the precast beam.
Another end of the beam sitting at a trolley.
Dura beam ready to be tow over the river using teh transfer girders.
Towing in progress.
Precast beam reached the midspan of the transfer girder.
Precast beam reached the oterh end of the transfer girder.
Lifting of the beam using two units 160 tonnes mobile cranes.
Precast beam positioned on to the abutment.
Precast beam launched
Launching of beam completed successfully.
Kg Linsum
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