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The 2nd International Conference on UHPC Materials and Structure

Fuzhou, November 08, 2018
- The CEO of DURA Technology Sdn Bhd, Adj. A/Prof. Ir. Dr. Voo Yen Lei has been invited to shared his knowledge by delivered a thirty minutes lecture on Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC): Technology for Present and Future during the conference that starts at 8.30 AM.

The conference that was held at Crown Ballroom, Crown Plaza, China aims to covers challenges on the production control, innovative ways to improve concrete construction productivity as well as green concrete for sustainable construction. Upon the discussion of the current practices of concrete construction, there were 6 guests from local and overseas speakers comprising industry experts, academics, and private practitioners that present papers of various topics in this field.

The conference topic cover the following topics:

1. Performance of Fiber Reinforced Material: From Macro to Nanofibers ( Surendra Shah, University of Northwestern, USA)

2. New Advance Admixtures for UHPC ( Johann Plank, Technische University München, Germany)

3. Research and Applications of Ultra-High Performance Concrete ( Jiaping Liu, Southeast University, China)

4. Application of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete Technology for Present and Future ( Yen Lei Voo,Dura Technology Sdn Bhd, Malaysia)

5. Study on UHPC and Some Application Results in Vietnam (Tran Ba Viet , Vietnam Concrete Association, Vietnam)

6. Experimental Study on a Full-Scale 30m Span UHPC Box Girder ( Baochun Chen, Fuzhou University, China)
Opening Ceremony for UHPC2018-China
Opening ceremony speech before presetantion starts by Baochun Chen
First speakers by Mr. Surendra Shah
Presetation by Dr. Voo Yen Lei as 4th speaker
Explanation on The Application of UHPC for Present and Future
Opening Ceremony for UHPC2018-China
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