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Faculty of Civil Engineering (UITM) Visit Dura Factory

Faculty of Civil Engineering from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) students and their lecturer, Prof. Dr. Azmi Ibrahim had recently made an educational visit to our Dura Technology factory in Chemor on 29th November.
The purpose of the visit was to provide an opportunity for students to observe the products and materials used and the technologies used for the process of precast beams to shows that how it can be more sustainable and durable. Before the students going to the factory, introduction about Dura will presented by one of our engineer, Dr. Milad Hafezolghorani Esfahani. 
Following that, it was an interesting experience as they have their opportunity to learned the demonstration on mixing of DURA material using small pan mixer, demonstration of cube compressive test, flexural and tensile test to show them the capabilities of the UHPFRC. Students managed to obtain in-depth information concerning the different material of the steel fibre which is hooked and straight.

In addition, the students were exposed to safety and health practices in our construction factory. The Dura factory is furnished with proper safety instructions and notices, which can be found all over the premises and have to be adhered to by all workers and visitors.Overall, the students gained a better understanding of the topics discussed in the classroom.

UiTM recognises the importance of providing students with more knowledge and experience in their field of studies. Similar workshops will be conducted in the future.
The total of UITM students that come in DURA office (30112018)
Short presentation on DURA products and profile
Explain the different type of steel fibre , hooked and straight
Demonstration on mixing of DURA material using small pan mixer
Flow test 210mm
The demostration of Cube Compressive Test
Flexural and tensile tests
Dr. Milad, representative from DURA received the gifts from UITM Faculty of Civil Engineering
Group photo session with UITM Faculty of Civil Engineering students and lecturer
Photo session with Prof. Dr. Azmi Ibrahim
The total of UITM students that come in DURA office (30112018)
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