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2022 News

UHPC Beam Technical Exchange and Full Scale Failure Test Observation Meeting of Zhongshan to Kaiping Expressway Project Successfully Held in Jiangmen, Guangdong.

6. The participants were learning the historical moments about UHPC bridge fieldsUltra High Performance Concrete (referred to as “UHPC”) in the  application of bridge engineering field, and promote technical  exchanges in the industry, On May 15, UHPC Composite Beam  Technology Exchange and Full Length Bending Bearing  Capacity Test Viewing Meeting of Zhongshan to Kaiping  Expressway Project jointly organized by Guangdong Highway  Society, CLP Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd.,  and Zhonglu Dura International Engineering Co., Ltd. was  successfully held in Jiangmen, Guangdong.
The technology exchange and experiment observation meeting was chaired by Chen Guanxiong, chairman of Guangdong Highway Society, and Zong Dunfeng, chief engineer of China Electric Power Construction Group CO., Ltd., delivered a speech. Also present at the conference are: Liu Yangshao, vice president of Guangdong Highway Society, Yan Wenyao, vice chairman of Guangzhou Water Conservancy Society; Hu Liping, Deputy Director of Engineering Quality Division of Guangdong Provincial Transportation Department, Vice General Manager of CLP Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. Bai Jiashe, Liu Hui Technical Director & Wu Binzhong, Liu Yong, assistant general manager (general manager of South China Branch) of CLP Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd., Hong Xiangcheng deputy chief engineer, Guangdong Communications Group, Secretary Han Dayong (General Manager of Zhongkai Company) and Chief Engineer He Dawei of South China Branch of CLP Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd., Deputy Managing Director of Chinese Power Construction (Guangdong) Zhongkai Expressway Co. Ltd., Korean Jianqiu and Zhu Wei, Su Jiaoke Group Co., Ltd. Traffic Regulation Court Yu liangde vice president (chief engineer), Zhonglu Dura International Engineering Co., Ltd. Chairman Mao Zhijian, general manager Liu Jun and other leaders.

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