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JKR Sabah visit DURA® Factory

06IPOH, 15 MARCH 2023: A team of 14 people from JKR Sabah visited Dura Technology in our HQ in Chemor, Perak. Their team which was led by Ir. Mohd Safri Bin Abd. Habi; Timbalan Pengarah, Ir Evelyn Pius; Ketua Penolong Pengarah/Jambatan, Scoot Simon Bousin; Penolong Pengarah/Jambatan, Ir. Jamilah Binti Tukang; Jurutera Bahagian Kota Belud, was given a presentation by Head of innovation and R&D about Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) to educate about UHFPRC and to create an understanding on its applications as to how it can be more sustainable compared to current technology and also introduction of Dura company. Following that, the guests and other participants were impressed by the possibility and the capability of the product during demonstration of casting and testing of cube compressive strength test.

After short presentation, the guests were taken to Wilson Hall to show our products material and the process of making UHPFRC to know what high strength concrete can do.  The team were also shown a few tests (compression, flexural, chloride attack etc.) in our lab.

After the factory visit, they are going to site visit which located at Manong Bridge & Lambor Bridge was completed bridge. During the site visit, the honourable guest and participants were impressed by the possibilities and capability of this material.  
Presentation given by Dr Milad.
Presentation about our DURA (UHPFRC).
The guest has been showed the UBG1750 stitching demonstration.
The guest has been showed the demonstration of Cube Compressive Test.
T Machine lab testing has been showed.
Group photo session with the guest.
JKR Sabah teams visited Lambor bridge.
JKR Sabah teams visited Duke 3 Section 2 bridge.
Presentation given by Dr Milad.
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