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Project: To Construct a Pedestrian Bridge in front of Taayah Girl School, Jalan Raja Dihilir, Ipoh, Kinta District, Perak D.R.

(Pembinaan Jejantas Perjalan Kaki Di Hadapan Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah, Ipoh, Perak D.R.)

Structure Type: Single span 40m x 2.5m DURA integral beam-deck system.

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of DURA® TBG1325-40m

Substructure Feature: 200mm square RC pile

Loading Type: 5 kPa Pedestrian load & 2 kPa SIDL (BD37/01), 80mile/hr wind speed

Client: JKR Kinta (Perak)   JKR

Consultant: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd (in-house design)

Contractor: Naza Teguh Enterprise (Class E)

Contract Period: 4 months

Construction Status: Completed

Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah.
Project sign board.
Piling work in progress.
Delivery of Dura beam segments using low loader truck.
Lifting of Dura beam segment using a single unit 45 tonnes crane.
Two pieces of DURA TBG1325-40m have been assembled near job site (18/07/2012).
Two pieces of DURA TBG1325-40m have been post-tensioned (24/07/2012).
Two main RC columns.
Jointing ready for stitching (24/08/2012).
Portable mixer used at job site to produce UHPdC for stitching (24/08/2012).
Feeding steel fiber using vibrator platform and conveyor belt.
Mixing of UHPdC using portable mixer (24/08/2012).
Two major RC piers for the pedestrian girder were constructed.
RC piers constructed.
RC piers constructed.
Beam launching using a unit of 880T crane.
40m single span DURA double Tee girder span over a 4 lanes busy road.
Installing precast staircase using single unit 45 tonnes crane (05/10/2012).
Staircase installation completed.
Staircase installation completed.
Railing installation (28/10/2012).
Railing & roofing frame installation (03/11/2012).
After completion (18/11/2012).
Sekolah Raja Perempuan Taayah.
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