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Replacement of 57 Years Old Bridge at Sungai Kundang, Maran

Project: No more piers at Sungai Kundang, FT002/268/70, Maran, Pahang.

(Menggantikan Jambatan Sungai Kundang, FT002/268/70, Maran, Pahang)

GPS Location: 3.55657 N; 102.6692 E

Structure Type: Single Span 45m by 14m Wide Composite Bridge System.

Superstructure Feature: 4 pieces of DURA® UBG1750-45m with Cast In-Situ RC Deck

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature: 600mm dia. Spun Pile (Class B)

Loading Type: SV100 loadings (BS EN 1991-2-2003)

Client: Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia  JKR             S.O.: JKR Daerah Maran  JKR

Consultant: Primareka Consultants  prima reka             Contractor: Dura Construction Sdn Bhd      4 DURA Construction 2

Contract Period: 24 months

Construction Status: Under Construction

Project Signboard.
Existing Sg Kundang Bridge built in 1955.
Soffit view of existing bridge.
Project Signboard.
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