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Single Span UHPFRC Bridge used at Kampung Parit Markom, Pontian

Project: To Construct Bridge at Kampung Parit Markom, Pontian, Johor.

(Membina Jambatan Baru Di Kampung Parit Markom, Mukim Sungai Pinggan, Pontian, Johor)

GPS Location: 1.697692 N, 103.315407 E

Structure Type: Single Span 52m by 5m Wide Composite Bridge System.

Superstructure Feature: 1 piece of DURA® UBG2000-52m with Cast In-Situ RC Deck

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature: 450mm Diameter Spun Pile (Class B, Grade 80)

Loading Type: Combination HA + 30HB Unit

Client: JPS Malaysia


Consultant: N/A

Contractor: Glorius Trading

Contract Period:

Construction Status: Under Construction
Project Signboard.
Original site of Kg Parit. Markom
Side view of existing bridge.
Project Signboard.
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