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Single Span of Pedestrian Bridge in Selama, Perak

Project: To Replace Pedestrian Bridge at FT001/671/70, Larut, Matang dan Selama, Perak. D.R.

(Menggantikan Jejantas Di Laluan FT001/671/70 Daerah Larut Matang Dan Selama, Perak D.R.)

GPS Location: 4.787472°N, 100.722296°E

Structure Type: Single Span 28m x 2.8m wide UHPC Bridge System with Precast Staircase

Superstructure Feature:  1 piece of DURA® UTG1200 – 28m

Substructure Feature: RC Columns

Foundation Feature: 300mm Micro-Pile

Loading Type: 5 kPa (BD37/01)

Client: Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia

S.O.: Jurutera Daerah, JKR Larut Matang & Selama

Consultant: Jurutera Awam (Jalan), JKR Larut Matang & Selama

Contractor: Belati Wangsa (M) Sdn. Bhd

Contract Period: 18 months

Construction Status: Completed
Project signboard and detail.
Uploading UTG segment to storage yard for PT work.
Preparation of temporary platform.
Aligning first segment (160520).
Aligning last segments.
Tighening the segmental joints temporarily.
Piers ready to receive beam.
Post tensiong work of the UTG birder in progress.
Uploading of UTG1200 to construction site (160620).
Uploading UTG1200 beam on to pole-trailer.
Prepartion on crane setting and ready for beam lifting.
Transportation of beam for beam launching.
UTG1200-28m already positioned on the piers.
Positioning of UTG1200 beam.
UTG1200-30m nicely seated on the peirs (150620).
UTG beam span across the busy road.
Inside view of the U troigh beam.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Project signboard and detail.
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