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DURA® - is a trade name for the Malaysian blend of Ultra-High Performance 'ductile Concrete (UHPdC), which possess very high strength and ductile composite formulated by combination of Portland cement, silica fume, fine silica sand, superplasticizer and very high strength discrete steel fibers. This material provide compressive strength of 150 MPa and flexural strength of 30 MPa respectively in 28 days. DURA® has the ductility and durability unachievable by conventional concrete. With the immerse strength and ductility, it could be the architects' 'dream-come-true' material. It is also proved to be aesthetically promising as maintenance factor is almost negligible. UHPdC comes in many profound attributes which made this material eligibility simply a 'breakthrough advanced engineered material'.

  • Infra-structure: Ultra light and slender section for pedestrian and highway bridges.
  • Impact Structure: Security panels against impact, seismic and blast loads; crash safety barriers.
  • Prestress elements: Piles, culverts, retaining walls,pipes, safety-vaults and etc.
  • Buildings: Ultra-slender beam, slab and column system; long span floors and roofs.
  • Others: Architectural features, accoustic barrier, structural walls, marine/sea walls and decks, anchorage plates, leave in-place forms/ moulds, container, storage tanks.



With its revolutionary properties, DURA®offers tremendous advantages such as : 
  • Eliminating the use of conventional steel reinforcing bars and stirrups which required a significant amount of labour input, supervision and quality control - thus, vastly minimizing human error and making structures more constructible and higher quality. This, in turn, will lead to significant cost saving maintenance and long-term service costs.
  • Flexibility and freedom of innovative designs - enabling concrete structures and features to be more interesting and aesthetically expressive.
  • Ultra-light weight - typically by a factor of 2 in comparison to conventional RC or PC elements leading the ease in handling, transportation and installation. As a consequence, it will lead to further cost savings and improve safety margins in the construction process.
  • Excellent durability - with high impermeability against aggressive physical-chemical atmosphere; high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and impact load - hence, offering longer service-life, negligible maintenance and contributing to a sustainable development regime.
  • Savings in immediate overall project cost and long term service cost.

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