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DURA® Technology Sdn Bhd is a wholly Malaysian owned company, established in January 2006 with the aim of providing latest technology in building and construction field.

DURA®Technology Sdn Bhd has claimed a pioneer status in Malaysia on an expedite known as the "ultra-high performance cementitious composite". The company has patented a product known as DURA® which is a construction material embraced total solution for most engineering aspects. In a better perception, DURA® is a cement based material that exhibit unique characteristics judged by high durability, extremely high strength and ductility which makes it an excellent resistance against abrasion, blasting and impact loading which will eliminated the used of conventional steel reinforcing bars in its design. The company produces products such as pre-stress bridge girders, blast protection panel and many others vary from customers requirement.

The company profoundly believes in Research and Development, in short term R & D as one of the turning key point for continuous sustainable development. DURA® products are subject to advancement and improvement from time to time in order to correspond with the latest technology in this modern era. Being a pioneer in Malaysia, the company believes in total commitment to excel in corporate governance practices, product quality and timely job completion, and playing a role in protecting our health, safety and environment.

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