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2019 Projects

Lahat Bridge 1, Mukim Hulu Kinta Single Spans

Project: To Construct Bridge at Government Land Lot 35781 For Proposed Skim Perindustrian Fasa 1, Mukim Hulu Kinta, Daerah Kinta, Perak Darul Ridzuan (Bridge 1)

(Cadangan Kerjatanah Bagi Cadangan Skim Perindustrian Fasa 1 Di Atas Tanah Kerajaan Sebahagian Lot 35781, Mukim Hulu Kinta, Daerah Kinta, Perak)

 GPS Location: 4.525349 N; 101.041652 E

Structure Type: Single Spans 13.5m by 20m Wide (Left & Right) Composite Bridge System.

Superstructure Feature
: 11 pieces of DURA® IB650-13.5m with Cast In-Situ RC Deck

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature: 200 x 200mm dia. SQ RC. pile (Class B)

Loading Type: HA+ 30 units HB loadings (BD37/01)

Client: Priority Focus Sdn Bhd

S.O.: Priority Focus Sdn Bhd

Consultant: JPCT

Contractor: Mutual Way Civil Works Sdn Bhd

Contract Period:

Construction Status: Under Construction
Original site view for Lahat Bridge 1
Beam launching
Position of the I-beams
Position of the I-beams
Beam and formwork fully installed
Completed bridge.
Completed bridge.
Original site view for Lahat Bridge 1
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