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2022 Projects

MALAYSIA BOLEH !!! - Dura Bridge Made from Malaysia Going to be Used in India

Project: Construction of Major Bridge across Sole Nalla on Latur – Nitur -  Nilanga – Balki – Road NH72K.

GPS Location: 18.256878N, 76.724448E

Structure Type
: 2 spans x 55.5 m long (total 111 m), Major Bridge across Sole Nalla

Superstructure Feature: Simply Supported Four (4) UHPC Box Girders for each span

Substructure Feature: RC Portal Piers

Foundation Feature: Eight (8) Drilled Piles for Each Foundation.

Loading Type: IRC Class Loadings.

Client: Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation.

S.O.: Valecha-SDPL JV, Áyoleeza Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Consultant: Technology and Proof Consultant: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay 

                     Indian Consultant: Shirish Patel and Associates      
                     Malaysian Consultant: HSS Engineers  Sdn. Bhd.                       
Contractor: Shinde Developers Pvt. Ltd. logo shinde
Contract Period: 1 Years

Construction Status: Completed
Construction of foundation work in progress.
Drop- in hammer used to dig holes on the ground.
Installation of steel cage into the dug holes.
Steel cage installed.
Preparation of bore pile starter bars (160519).
Preparation of bore pile starter bars at the pier region (160519).
Construction of Abutment A
Construction of centre pier.
Construction of Abutment B.
DURA BBG2400 first box segment (060820).
BBG2400 segments ready to be transported to site.
Sending beam segments to Penang port.
Segments ready to be lifted onto the ship.
Loading segments onto the ship.
Arranging beam segments.
Unloaded beam segments to truck at Mumbai port (071120)
Transporation of UHPC box girder segments to job site (181120).
Bridge segments reach Latur bridge site.
Unloaded box girder at job site.
Unloading box girder segments.
Placing the UHPC box segment onto the steel temporary staging support (210421).
Assembly of box segment using mobile crane (210421).
Six segments have aligned.
One full beam fully post-tensioned.
Jacking up second girder for positioning.
Assembling span 1 girder 3 on temporary platform.
Sealing the segmental joints with epoxy.
Soffit views of two beams together.
Seven beams positioned.
Soffit view.
In-situ UHPC stitching work completed.
Completed Latur Bridge.
Completed Latur Bridge.
Latur Bridge.
Latur Bridge.
Construction of foundation work in progress.
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