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2008 Projects

Construction Of The World First UHPC Portal Frame Building (Wilson Hall)

Project: Construction of a Portal Frame Building using Dura Portal Frame System for Dura Technology Sdn Bhd, Ulu Chepor, Chemor, Perak D.R.

Structure Type: Portal frame structures, 67m wide by 42.7m long, 10m high

Superstructure Feature: DURA® PFS with 24 pieces of DURA® UB650, 12 pieces of DURA® WP35/30 and 34 pieces of DURA® WP70/20

Substructure Feature: 150mm square RC piles

Loading Type: Wind-load with design wind speed of 70mile/hour

Client: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd

Contractor: Dura Technology Sdn Bhd

Contract Period: n/a

Construction Period: 4 months

Construction Status: Completed

RC slab
Lifting of first Dura precast column
Installation of Dura connector
Fasterning of lateral bracing
Installation of connector
Lifting of internal rafters
Installation of internal rafters
Closeup view of connection detail
External rafter installed
Portal frame using Dura UB650
Dura partition wall installed
Completed building after metal roofing installed
Left wing of Wilson Hall
Right wing of Wilson Hall
RC slab
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