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2011 Projects

A New Bridge For The Native In Ulu Kampar, Gopeng, Perak.

Project: Kerja-Kerja Menggantikan Jambatan Lama Kampung Ulu Kampar, Daerah Kampar, Perak.

Structure Type: Single span 18m x 3.5m (MTB-R1) UHPdC integral beam-deck system.

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of DURA® TBG1325-18m

Substructure Feature: Pad footing

Loading Type: Full HA+30HB loadings (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Kinta (Perak)   JKR          Consultant: TS Yee & Associates   TS Yee logo

Contractor: Naza Tegoh Enterprise / Maltecon Builder S/B

Contract Period: 2 months

Construction Period: 4 months

Construction Status: Completed

Original site condition.
Debris stuck by centre column after rain.
Construction of RC pad footing as abutments.
Unloading of precast segments.
Precast segments assembled off site.
Launching of beam segment onto existing old bridge.
The old bridge serves as temporary support for the precast segments.
Only a single unit 20T mobile crane used to assembled the bridge segments.
All segments are aligned and positioned.
Old bridge demolishd and GI railing installed.
Newly completed bridge.
New bridge open for villagers.
Approach road.
Ulu Kampar bridge.
After 1 year of service (12/02/2013).
Original site condition.
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