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2011 Projects

A Newly Built Bridge At The Tourist Sport Of Ulu Geroh, Kampar, Perak.

Project: Kerja-Kerja Menggantikan Jambatan Lama Di Kampung Ulu Geroh, Daerah Kampar, Perak.

Structure Type: Single span 25m x 3.5m UHPdC integral beam-deck system.

Superstructure Feature: 2 pieces of DURA® TBG1325-25m

Substructure Feature: 100mm diameter UHPdC micropile

Loading Type: Full HA + 30HB loadings (BD37/01)

Client: JKR Perak   JKR          Consultant: TS Yee & Associates   TS Yee logo

Contractor: Mercu Reka Enterprise / Maltecon Builder S/B

Contract Period: 2 months              

Construction Period: 3 months

Construction Status: Completed

Sg Itek is a tourist spot for white water rafting.
Original Site of Kg. Ulu Neroh, Tapah
A working team inspecting the existing old temporary bridge
A poor condition bridge crossing Sg. Itek, Kampar.
A lorry crossing with the wheels right at the edge of the bridge.
A beautiful senery of Sg. Itek
The bridge will be submerged by the river water aftre a normal rain.
After one day, demould.
Match casting of subsequent segments.
Segmental joints of short segments.
Lifting of TBG1325 short segment for transportation.
Timber bracing was used to prevent overturning of beam segment during transportation.
Narrow access road can only fit a 20 feet long truck.
Assembly of precast cast segments at sites.
In-situ RC abutments.
Beam Launching day (19th Dec 2011)
Lifting of first beam.
20 tonnes capacity mobiles were used due to site access difficulty.
First beam rolled over the old steel bridge.
Placing 1st beam on the RC abutments.
2 units 20 tonnes crane lifting the first beam.
Positioning the second TBG1325-25m beam.
Bridge ready for joint stitching using Dura UHPdC.
High quality timber form was used.
Portable mixer waas used to supply UHPdC.
Laying of in-situ Dura UHPdC.
In-situ jointing completed.
After one day laying of joint stitching material.
The Dura beams integral with in-situ RC abutment using grade40 concrete.
Installation of railing.
Bottom view of the bridge.
G.I railign was used.
The completed bridge.
Kg Ulu Geroh bridge open for traffic.
Dura - Like Concrete . Like Steel
Sg Itek is a tourist spot for white water rafting.
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