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2014 Projects

Dura Bridge Used to Rescue Delayed Tambun Road Bridge Project Crossing Sg Choh

Sh Choh parano 2

: To Replace Sg Choh Bridge, Tambun Road, Tanjung Rambutan, Laluan A13, Kinta District, Perak D.Z.
(Menggantikan Jambatan Sg. Choh, Jalan Tambun / Tanjung Rambutan, Laluan A13, Daerah Kinta, Perak Darul Ridzuan.)

Structure Type: Single span 32m x 22m wide UHPC composite bridge

GPS Location: 4.65640N, 101.15920E

Superstructure Feature: 4 pieces of DURA® UBG1750-32m

Substructure Feature: 300mm diameter micropiles

Client: Kerajaan Negeri Perak D.R.   negeri perak

S.O.: JKR Kinta   JKR

Consultant: Concrete Technology Sdn Bhd (alternative design)

Contractor: Jernas Holding Sdn Bhd

Contract Period: 18 months

Construction Status: Completed

Project sign board.
Existing side condition at Sg Choh.
Existing side condition at Sg Choh.
Micropile machine ready to start work (22/01/2014).
Drilling of fourth hole on Sunday morning (26/01/2014).
Micropiles at abutment A (26/02/2014).
DURA UBG1750 segments unloaded to site (28/02/2014).
Construction of abutment in progress (06/03/2014).
Temporary support ready for beam assembly (25/06/2014).
Lifting of first segment using a 45 tonne mobile crane.
Positioning first end segment to the abutment (25/06/2014).
Lifting of second segment (25/06/2014).
Positioning second segment to the temporary supports (25/06/2014).
Second segment aligned.
Lifting of fourth segment (25/06/2014).
Post-tensioning of first edge beam in progress (28/06/2014).
Post-tensioning of first edge beam in progress (28/06/2014).
Two beams post-tensioned and both beams hogged and detached from temporary supports.
Completion of PT work for two numbers of DURA UBG1750-32m.
Timber formwork used for the construction of in-situ decking.
Preparation of timber formwork.
First harf portion of the RC deck casted (19/07/2014).
RC deck and backwall fully casted (07/08/2014).
Installation of Precast Parapet (14/08/2014).
Sealing of the road (28/08/2014).
Completed Sg. Choh Bridge.
Completed Sg. Choh Bridge.
Project sign board.
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