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2016 Projects

DURA Bridge Systems Provide Access at Extreme Terrain

Project: To Upgrade Pos Sinderut Road, Dun Jelai, Cameron Highland Parliment, Pahang D.M.

(Menaiktaraf Jalan Pos Sinderut, Dun Jelai, Parlimen Cameron Highland, Pahang Darul Makmur.)

GPS Location: 4.169237 N, 101.585514 E (Bridge 2); 4.168740N, 101.581722 E (Bridge 3); 
                       4.168826 N, 101.618189 E (Bridge 4); 4.152962N, 101.649732 E (Bridge 5);
                       4.141622 N, 101.648723 E (Bridge 6); 4.133348N, 101.650420 E (Bridge 7);
                       4.126586 N, 101.706304 E (Bridge 8); 4.135983N, 101.710117 E (Bridge 9).

Structure Type: Single span 21m long (Bridge 2); single span 25m long (Bridge 3, 8 & 9); single span 12m (Bridge 4 & 5) and single span 16m (Bridge 6 & 7), come with 10m wide in-situ RC deck, using precast DURA light-weight prestressed I-beam composite bridge system.

Superstructure Feature: 7 pieces of DURA IB1000-21m; 14 pieces of DURA IB650-12m; 14 pieces of DURA IB650-16m and 21 pieces of DURA IB1000-25m

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC abutments

Foundation Feature: 300mm diameter micropile

Loading Type: Full HA+30HB Highway loading

Client: KKLW   Logo KKLW                        S.O.: JKR Raub    JKR

Contractor: Dinslee Sdn Bhd      

Alternative Bridge Designer: Jurutera Perunding Concrete Technology

Contract Period: 24 months

Construction Status: Completed

Project signboard and detail.
unpaved steep mountaineous road.
Aboroginal people settlement.
Existing bridge nos. 3.
Existing bridge nos. 4.
Existing bridge nos. 5.
Existing bridge nos. 6.
Existing bridge nos. 7.
Existing bridge nos. 9.
Bridge 9: Micropile drilling on progress (26/08/2014).
Bridge 9: Micropile drilling on progress (26/08/2014).
12.5m long precast DURA IB1000 segments.
12.5m long precast DURA IB1000 segments.
RC abutments ready for beam launching.
Seven half segment of the beams placed onto the temporary supports and one side of the abutment.
Seven precast DURA IB1000-25m assembled, prior to post-tensioning.
Post-tensioning in progress.
Casting of RC parapet for Bridge 8.
Precast beam ready for launching for bridge 6.
Execution of pile load test at Bridge 4.
Completed Bridge Nos. 9.
Completed Bridge Nos. 8.
Completed Bridge Nos. 7.
Completed Pos Sinderut Bridge 2.
Completed Bridge 2 and 4.
Completed Bridge 3.
Project signboard and detail.
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