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Malaysian Dura UHPC Used at Sydney Most Iconic Sydney Habour Bridge

Project:Supply and Placement of Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) for Sydney Harbour Bridge Railway Deck Upgrade – Northern and Southern Span. The work is to install formwork, place precast panel bedding and place Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete as a joint filler; for the construction of a new precast railway deck on the South Approach and North Approach of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Projek: Pembekalan dan Penempatan Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) untuk Peningkatan Dek Keretapi Jambatan Sydney Harbour - Rentang Utara dan Selatan. Projek ini adalah untuk memasang “formwork”, meletakkan “precast panel bedding” dan meletakkan Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete sebagai pengisi sambungan; untuk pembinaan dek keretapi “precast” baru di Pendekatan Selatan dan Pendekatan Utara di Jambatan Sydney Harbour.

Project Significance: The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a national icon and is internationally recognized as a symbol of modern Australia and its industrial and social maturity. Its design and technical achievement is considered to be of local, state, national and international significance.
The SHB comprises of ten lanes, two for rail and eight for road traffic, including a cycle way and a pedestrian walkway. Sydney Trains operates approximately 500 services across the Bridge each weekday, including 40 services per hour during peak periods (20 trains in each direction).

GPS Location
: -33.852232°S; 151.210853°E

Structure Type: Australian heritage-listed steel two-pin arch construction, made up of two arches side by side, joined by horizontal cross-members.


Total length             : 1,149m (3,770 ft)

Width                      : 48.8m (160 ft)

Height                     : 134m (440 ft)

Longest span          : 503m (1,650 ft)

Superstructure Feature: Construction of UHPFRC pedestals on precast concrete panels for rail plates and placing DURA-Rapid Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete as a joint filler in shear connectors pockets and between precast panels.

Loading Type: AS5400 Train Load

Client: Sydney Trains, Transport for New South Wales, Australia

S.O.: Sydney Trains

Consultant: Jacobs (

Contractor: Various, Dura Marketing Pty Ltd as supplier and technical support for Ultra-high Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)

Contract Period: Completed

Construction Status: In between construction periods        

Works to be delivered during shutdowns and weekend possessions over a number of years

The beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge constructed in the 1923.
Sunday morning at the harbour view (070121).
On-going railway track replacement project at the South bound of the SHB (070121).
DURA-Rapid UHPC was selected in this project.
Hoisting DURA premix into the mixer through a funnel.
A 500L customied planateray mixer was used in mixing of DURA UHPC.
The deck replacement work was done at the rail collidor with limited working space.
Contractor inspecting the mixing of the UHPC.
Possible moisture and water which trapped at the shear pockets where vaccumed.
Day shift.
Night shift.
Curing compound applied on the exposed surface of the DURA UHPC.
UHPC shear pocket nicely done.
Large crowd working at the rail corridor within teh very tigh schedule.
A layer of plastic sheet used to cover the shear pocket to prevent rain get to the UHPC.
Completion of the first possesion of the SHB railway deck replacement program.
The beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge constructed in the 1923.
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