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DURA Product Presentation for JKR Johor

02On 6th Nov, Dura Technology was given an opportunity to present a product introduction to the Jabatan Kerja Raya Johor . This state is the second most populated state in Malaysia and lays at the south of Peninsular Malaysia which is also the most southern point of the Asian continental mainland. The product talk took place in the Ballroom of New York Hotel, Johor Bharu. There were 100 officers from the ten districts in Johor inclusive of engineers, cooperate, surveyor and officers that came. This talk was hosted by Dura Technology Sdn Bhd and was presented by Ir. Dr. Voo Yen Lei.

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Destructive Shear Strength Test on Prototype TBG1325 Girder

Once again DTSB has conducted a destructive shear test on a full scale DURA beam (i.e. TBG1325). The tested beam was 14.75 m in total length, and has a full depth of 1325mm. The web has a thickness of 100 mm and it does not have any conventional steel reinforcement or stirrup in the section. The beam was tested in three point load configuration and the shear span to effective-depth ratio of 2 is used in the shear test. The specimen was place in the 5000kN capacity stiff testing frame and the applied point load was placed at the centre of the beam. One end of the specimen was a pinned supported and the other end had a pin and roller support. The pins and rollers were greased to minimize friction and to give free rotation and horizontal translation, as required.

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880T Mega-Crane Lifted the First 40m DURA Pedestrian Bridge

IMG 1058
Recording a breakthrough in bridge construction in Malaysia, Dura Technology had again successfully put up a 40m pedestrian bridge at the heart of the Ipoh City, and this time it is being completed overnight. This serves as a pedestrian for the students of Sekolah Menengah Taa’yah to cross over the four-lane Jalan Raja Dihilir to their gymnasium hall on the opposite. Roads were closed to traffic on the 21st September 2012, at 9pm for the preparation and launching of the 40m non-intermediate pillar pedestrian bridge.

Jalan Raja Dihilir is one of the main road for Ipohians to travel to and from the city center and east of Ipoh. There were schools, hotel, hospital, private clubs, governmental, royal residences and residential along the road and closing the road to traffic for a conventional bridge construction that takes about six months to complete is almost impossible. In addition to that, if there would be an intermediate pillar to support the 40m pedestrian bridge, it would caused a nuisance to the residents around and public traffics with the even longer traffic closure and a major change to the existing ‘island’ landscape.

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Technical Visit by IEM Perak

Once again, Dura Technology Sdn Bhd serves as an educational hub, and this time for the engineers from Institute of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) Perak Branch. On 22 September 2012, a workshop was initiated by IEM Perak, a total of 30 engineers from the state gathered in Dura Technology in Chemor. Most of the attendees of this workshop were those of senior engineers with vast experiences and are eager to catch up with this latest concrete technology. Amongst those who ere present were the Chairman of IEM Perak Ir Chan Hoong Mun. IEM Perak as part of their annual visit programme initiated the workshop and sees value in this technology, especially as a new age construction material that promotes green, sustainable and cost feasible solution to the existing issues with constructions materials.

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Malaysia First Ultra-High Performance ductile Concrete Composite Bridge at Marine Environment, Selangor

Recently Westports Malaysia called tender to expand their container cargo terminal and there are four new access bridges (known as Bridge24, Bridge25, Bridge26 and Bridge27) to be built with the aim to connect the new wharf with the container stacking yard. This project is located at Pulau Indah, Port Klang. Bridge25 was designed as a special access bridge for overweight and oversize cargo with maximum trailer payload of 3072 tonnes.

The owner of this project is Westport Malaysia, and HSS Integrated S/B is the appointed consultant for the project. Among these four new access bridges, the consultant has specified to use ultra-high performance ductile concrete (UHPdC) prestress beam for Bridge25 due to the UHPdC beam is able to carry extra live load while maintaining a shallow beam depth of 1m deep. Besides that, these bridges are located at the marine environment, thus, resistance against salt attack is also a major advantage as UHPdC is highly durable and it’s able to gives a service life in excess of 100 years. The other three bridges were designed for normal highway loading using Grade50 conventional RC composite bridge.

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