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New Bridge to Connect Kampung Seberang with Kuala Sepetang

9th July 2012, the people of Kampung Seberang now have a reason to rejoice as a new bridge will be build for them, to connect to the mainland, Kuala Sepetang after 30 years of waiting. The long awaited bridge measuring at 110m and 3m wide will serve as the main connecting access for the 200 families in the island to go in and out of the place to the mainland safely. The people here, including school children had been using the service of a small motor powered boat as the main transport to get to the mainland across the 80m wide Sungai Reba. 

Perak’s Menteri Besar (Mayor) YAB Dato Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir was present for the ground breaking ceremony of this bridge and to present land titles to the squatting families on KTM land. The bridge, which uses DURA® ‘s customize pedestrian system is scheduled to be ready in November 2013. Other than being a pedestrian and motorcycle bridge, it will also be able to be use by ambulance to access to the island in case of any emergencies. Dr. Zambry mentioned that it is important that not only this bridge be an access for the people, but it must also have a long life span to benefit the people longer and have minimum maintenance since it is near to the sea and is exposed to extreme corrosion.

Arrival of MB Perak YAB Dato Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir.
Students eagerly greet the arrival of YAB Dato Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir.
Ir Razak (Perunding Prima Reka) giving short briefing of the bridge project to MB Perak.
A representative of DTSB briefing MB on DURA
Presenting a souvenier to the MB of Perak.
MB of Perak adressing the local community of Kuala Sepetang
Pengarah JKR Perak, Dato Ir. Dr. Safry Kamal presenting a souvenier on behalf of JKR to MB.
MB signing on a Dura panel.
Completion of the ground breaking ceremony.
Visiting Kampung Seberang with the only mean of transport - a sampan.
Artist impression of the finished bridge.
Arrival of MB Perak YAB Dato Seri Diraja Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir.
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