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Technical Visit by IEM Perak

Once again, Dura Technology Sdn Bhd serves as an educational hub, and this time for the engineers from Institute of Engineering Malaysia (IEM) Perak Branch. On 22 September 2012, a workshop was initiated by IEM Perak, a total of 30 engineers from the state gathered in Dura Technology in Chemor. Most of the attendees of this workshop were those of senior engineers with vast experiences and are eager to catch up with this latest concrete technology. Amongst those who ere present were the Chairman of IEM Perak Ir Chan Hoong Mun. IEM Perak as part of their annual visit programme initiated the workshop and sees value in this technology, especially as a new age construction material that promotes green, sustainable and cost feasible solution to the existing issues with constructions materials.

The workshop starts when the engineers of IEM were briefed about Ultra-High Performance ‘ductile’ Concrete (UHPdC) of the origins, history, concepts and mechanism and its applications worldwide. Then they were all brought around the plant to experience the products of UHPdC and were then treated to a session of testing of the DURA full scale beam to destruction. The attendants were all amazed of the results of the test and are excited about what UHPdC can do and how efficient UHPdC is to the existing engineering realm . It was indeed an eye opener to the engineers and hope to know and learn more about UHPdC and its applications in the local scene. The workshop ended with a tea session among the group. 

Souvenir from IEM Perak.
Guest cars.
Approximately 30 guests from consulting engineers and IEM Perak committee members attending the workshop.
Ir Dr Voo giving product presentation on UHPdC technology.
Visitors looking at the DURA U-beam segments.
Visitors looking at the DURA U-beam segments.
Dr Voo explaining to the visitors how the U segment was manufactured.
Visitors looking at the DURA portal frame (Wilson Hall).
Display of large number of tested specimens on flexure strength test for QA/QC purpose.
At the batching plants.
Demonstration on mixing of DURA material using small pan mixer.
Briefing given before the full scale shear strength destructive test on DURA T bridge girder.
A full scale DURA bridge girder loaded to a point load of 300 tonnes.
The engineers were amazed with the structural performance of the DURA beam.
Flexure toughness test omn DURA prism in progress as per ASTM C1018-1997.
(Left) Ir Razak and (middle) Ir Nasir from Jurutera Perunding Prima Reka and (right) IEM Perak Chairman Ir. Chan Hoong Mun.
Group photo.
Souvenir from IEM Perak.
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