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Ipoh's Sungai Guntong Bridge Soon Be Ready

Jalan Lahat, one of the main access road towards Menglembu, had always been busy and congested with heavily loaded trucks. The adjacent area and the road will be flooded with overflow water from the Sungai Guntong whenever it rain heavily due to the existing dual cell culvert is not wide enough to cater for the hydraulic flow. The Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI), came up with the proposal in 2010 to change the existing crossing with an advanced new bridge system which is able to cater for 4 lanes road to ensure smoother traffic especially during the peak hours.

After much hassle to the community that travel on this road trough the years of road diversion, this new bridge was finally launched on the 19th January 2013. This 20m wide and 20m long bridge was launched in a day and is all ready for joints stitching work. Premix can be pour onto the bridge surface once the stitching works had been done and is ready to be use for traffic. This bridge consists of 13 pieces of DURA®  TBG875. Since the bridge deck has been cast together with the beam, in-situ deck casting was totally eliminated, hence the time saving factor. This bridge is a full integral beam deck system bridge that consist of four lanes and is designed to cater for full highway loading.

A single unit 120t mobile crane was used to do the lifting. The full set of 13 beams were successfully placed on the designated spots within 6 hours and then only a heavy downpour call it a day for the launching team. Waters from the river rose quickly, yet to the relieve of the team and the DBI representatives and engineers, there were no overflow and the road was clear. This bridge is expected to be completed with the road work by end of April. 
A fine day for beam launching at Jalan Lahat crossing Sg. Guntung (19/01/2013).
1st beam seated on the designated location.
Elevation view of the 20m span pretension DURA TBG875-20m (weight 16 tonnes).
Edge beam.
Seven beams launched in few hours.
Lifting of the 9th beams.
Lifting of the second last beams.
Lifting of the final beams.
Immediately after a heavy downpour.
Bridge surface.
Bridge surface.
Joints ready for stitching.
A fine day for beam launching at Jalan Lahat crossing Sg. Guntung (19/01/2013).
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