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Official Open Ceremony for Jalan Kuala Klawang Bridge, Titi, Jelebu, NSK.

Negeri Sembilan is once again to set a new record for having the longest UHPDC Bridge. The official opening ceremony held on 29th May 2013 sees the 51m long bridge opens to the busy traffic in Jalan Kuala Klawang, Titi. This is the second Ultra-High Performance Ductile Concrete bridge by Dura Technology to be build in Negeri Sembilan. The RM5.7mil bridge project (which includes roadwork and slope protection works) connecting the town and the main road was built without the presence of intermediate supports.

long view

The old bridge, built by the British in the 1920s, was declared unsafe for use last year as its wooden pillars were damaged by age and debris results of heavy flooding of the river. A proposal to construct a bigger and stronger bridge was carried out without any delay and completed late last month. The relevant authorities, including the Road Transport Department, are making arrangements for the bridge to be recognized as “the longest pillar-less bridge” in the country. Also present for the official ceremony were the Menteri Besar of Negeri Sembilan and the Director of Road Transport Department. 


Open ceremony of Jalan K.Klawang bridge (29/04/2013).
Open ceremony of Jalan K.Klawang bridge (29/04/2013).
Arrival of Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan Dato’ Seri Utama Hj Mohamad Hj Hasan.
The director of JKR Negeri Sembilan Dato’ Dr Roslan Taha giving briefing about the project.
Dato’ Seri Utama Hj Mohamad Hj Hasan delivering speech.
The crowds.
Visitng the bridge site.
Official open ceremony.
Open ceremony of Jalan K.Klawang bridge (29/04/2013).
Open ceremony of Jalan K.Klawang bridge (29/04/2013).
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