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Kg Seberang Soon Connected with Kuala Sepetang

0610th of July marked another new milestone for DURA Technology where the new prototype DURA U-trough girders were launched at Sungai Sangga Besar, which intended to connect Kuala Sepetang with Kampung Seberang. The girders were lifted using a 200 tonnes capacity crawler crane, seated on a steel-made pontoon. Each of the DURA girders is approximately 4m wide, 22m long and weight merely 32 tonnes. Unless conventional design, this girders were designed with the deck/slab located at the lower part of the beam flange, which make the girder less steep at the ramp section of the bridge.

This girders are the Malaysia first customised prototype U-trough girders made from ultra-high performance ductile concrete. The bridge is intended for the used by pedestrian and motorcycle. In the event of medical emergency needed in Kg Seberang, a unit of ambulance is accessible into the village through this bridge. The bridge is expected to be completed and open for public service in another three months.

DURA beam arrived to Kg Acheh.
Upload DURA beam to pontoon.
Pontoon arrived to Kuala Sepetang (09/07/2013).
Lifting of 1st DURA beam.
1st beam positioned.
Lifting of 2nd beam.
Positioning of 2nd beam.
Two spans launched.
Two spans launched (10/07/2013).
Lifting of final beam (10/07/2013).
Completion of beam launching.
DURA beam arrived to Kg Acheh.
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