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2013 News

Negeri Sembilan Sets New National Record

01The JKR Negeri Sembilan was the first to use ultra-high performance ductile concrete (UHPdC) in road bridge construction in Malaysia. A medium traffic bridge (MBT) was completed in Kampung Linsum crossing the Sungai Linggi at January 2011.

To-date, JKR Negeri Sembilan has recently constructed a dual carriageway road bridge at Jalan Kuala Klawang-Pekan Titi (Jelebu). Once again, this road bridge is a new record or bench mark in bridge construction in Malaysia as the new bridge can span up to 51m single span without any intermediate piers or support. The composite bridge was constructed using three numbers of steel fiber reinforced ultra high performance ductile concrete (UHPdC) U-trough girder 1.75m deep, topped with a 11.9m wide cast in-situ reinforced concrete deck slab. The UHPC bridge girder ends were encased in normal strength concrete abutments at the bridge site and made integral with the abutment seating. Unlike conventional bridge girder, this UHPdC girder was built without any conventional shear links at the web region. In addition, there is no conventional longitudinal high yield steel reinforcement at the girder. The concrete strength used in the precast girder have achieved a mean compressive strength over 160 MPa (which is 5 times stronger than conventional concrete). In term of durability, the concrete grade used is at least 20 times better than conventional concrete.

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Ipoh's Sungai Guntong Bridge Soon Be Ready

Jalan Lahat, one of the main access road towards Menglembu, had always been busy and congested with heavily loaded trucks. The adjacent area and the road will be flooded with overflow water from the Sungai Guntong whenever it rain heavily due to the existing dual cell culvert is not wide enough to cater for the hydraulic flow. The Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh (MBI), came up with the proposal in 2010 to change the existing crossing with an advanced new bridge system which is able to cater for 4 lanes road to ensure smoother traffic especially during the peak hours.

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DURA Technology Solution Links Two Remote Villages at Pulau Banggi of Sabah State

kudat 2
Pulau Banggi located within the Kudat Division of Sabah state in Malaysia with an area of 440.7km2 (compare to Penang Island of 293km2  and Singapore of 723.2km2), thus making it the largest island in Malaysia followed by Betruit Island and Langkawi Island come third. The island located off the northern coast of Sabah, near Marudu Bay. The population is small relatively (less than 15,000) and the majority of the people on the island is from the Ubian ethnic group followed by the Dusun Banggi, Kegayan, Suluk and Bajau. Previously the island dwellers were dependent on fishing and subsistence farming but now they are making a transition into rubber cultivation and working with Felcra Bhd, the agency entrusted with the first agropolitan project on the island.

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