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Batu 6 Bridge Listed into Malaysia Book of Record

2 July 2015 adds another feather to the hat of Dura Technology Sdn Bhd as Malaysia's Work Minister, Dato' Seri Haji Fadillah Haji Yusof officiate the Batu 6 Bridge in Gerik, Perak. At the same time delivering the Malaysian Book of Record to Pengarah Kerja Raya Perak; Toh Paduka Setia Dato' Ir. Dr. Safry Kamal bin Hj. Ahmad. Also present are the Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya; Datuk Ir. Adanan Mohamed Hussain, Timbalan Ketua Pengarah Kerja Raya (Infra); Dato' Ir. Dr. Roslan Md. Taha and other VIP.  This 100m UHPC bridge across the Sungai Perak has been listed by the Malaysia Book of Record (MBOR) as the "Longest Single Span Bridge Constructed Using Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)" beating the previous record of 50m in year 2011 at for Kampung Siliau Bridge in Negeri Sembilan. Many attended the event were amazed of how concrete can be used in this way and has revolutionised the perception about concrete and more specifically UHPC.

This bridge had overcame the recent flood in Perak dubbed as the nation's worst flood in 100 years. The water level raised till a level never recorded before. However, this UHPC bridge at a length of 100m without any pillars in between stood to the test with minimum movement even as the construction of the bridge has not been completed and the abutment has not been fully cast with girder. Dato' Seri Haji Fadillah also mentioned that, this bridge system without a pillar in the river indeed is a system worth studying and built as to minimize bridges being washaway during flood due to debris that hit the pillars, it will not have any barriers in the waterway and this method is much cheaper yet durable and could reduce construction cost by up to 30%. The government plans to construct single span UHPC bridges at several locations in the country, especially in flood-prone areas. He said such UHPC bridge is also planned to be used to replace the collapsed bridge during the big flood last year in Gua Musang, Kelatan.

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Batu 6 Bridge Listed in Malaysia Book of Record.
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Batu 6 Bridge Listed in Malaysia Book of Record.
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