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10th International Road Conference & PIARC International Seminar on Asset Management 2018

06SUBANG, 30 OCTOBER 2018- Highway infrastructures is very important.The technical program is jointly organized by the Ministry of Works (KKR), Public Works Department (JKR), Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM), World Road Association (PIARC) and Road Engineering Association of Malaysia with collaboration of CIDB, ​​International Road Federation Global and Road Engineering Association of Asia & Australasia. YB Baru Bian, the Works Minister, officiated its opening on 29 October 2018 while YB Mohd Anuar Mohd Tahir, the Deputy Works Minister, was keen on opening its closing on 31 October 2018.ortant for the sustainability of economic development and social development. Therefore, The World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee D.1 on Asset Management with the support of the Ministry of Works, Malaysia takes great pleasure in inviting our CEO, Dr. Voo Yen Lei as one of the speakers to participate in this International Seminar on Asset Management. He was presenting about "Sustainable Design Innovation". A concurrent event, the 10th Malaysian Road Conference (MRC) which also will run from 29 to 31 October in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Carrying the theme “Global Approaches to Advance Road Asset Management”, the primary focus will be on topics related to the conservation, rehabilitation and management of road.

Some 30 local and international papers will be presented and discussed at the technical and workshop sessions with one special lecture by an international expert each day. Senior managers and leading practitioners in road engineering from corporate sector organisations including officials from the government will present up to date, highly relevant and practical information on the increasingly complex road environment.

Last but not least, the message from the Chairman of 10th Malaysia Road Conference & PIARC, Dato’ Ir. Dr. Safry Kamal Ahmad is that he hope this Conference and Seminar will offer delegates a platform to exchange ideas, discover new and novel approaches, re-acquaint with colleagues, meet new friends and widen their networking reach.

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Client from our project Sg. Kelang, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) visited Dura Factory

02IPOH, 21 SEPTEMBER 2018: The department from Civil Engineering and Urban Transportation Department from Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL) were attend the technical visit in our factory for two days. The purpose of their visit is regarding beams casting and products briefing on the UHPFRC made bridge girders. These group from distinguished guest consist of Ir. Sabudin Bin Mohd Salleh (Senior Deputy Director), Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamed (Deputy Director) , Ir. Azli Shah Bin Ali Bashah (Deputy Director) and Che Mat Nawi Bin Mat Daud (Engineer).  They are also one of our client for project Sungai Kelang bridge in Kuala Lumpur.

On the first day, they were given a short presentation on Dura products by Prof Ir. Dr. Voo Yen Lei about Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete to educate about UHFPRC and to create an understanding on it’s applications as to how it can be more sustainable compared to current technology and also introduction of Dura company. Following that, the guests and other participants were impressed by the possibility and the capability of the product during demonstration of casting and also testing of cube compressive.

Next day,  the guests and other participants from DBKL were taken to the site visit in Ipoh to Kg. Paloh to shows the lightness of the superstructure and the advantages of what high strength concrete can do. After that, they went to pedestrian bridge of Sekolah Taayah and lastly, pedestrian bridge at UTC Ipoh. The technological advancement inherent in UHPFRC both will afford direct solutions to today’s infrastructure challenges and will be integrated into the normal concretes of tomorrow.

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Annual Conference of Malaysian JKR Officers (SOCs) 2018 themed "JKR ASPIRATION ON INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ERA (IR) 4.0"

15ALOR SETAR, 7 JULY 2018: The Malaysia Public Work  Department (namely JKR) has organized an annual Conference of  Malaysian JKR Officers (SOCs) themed "JKR ASPIRATION ON  INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ERA (IR) 4.0" held from 7 to 9 July  2018 at Hotel TH and Convention Center, Alor Setar, Kedah. The  ceremony was officiated by the Minister of Works, Mr. Baru Bian  followed by a speech by YBhg. Dato 'Sri Ir. Dr. Roslan bin Md  Taha, Director General of Public Works.

The main objective of organizing this annual conference is the platform for senior JKR officers to share knowledge, experience, expertise as well as a field of discussion on issues and matters relating to the Department, exchange ideas and opinion to inspire new innovative ideas in business improving the level of professionalism to achieve excellence in the delivery of departments.

The program involves the participation of 400 Senior Officers of the JKR consisting of Branches and State Directors, District Engineers, Kader Officers who lead the branches, divisions and units from all over the country. A total of eight papers on the construction industry have been presented throughout the conference. Opening and Exhibition Visit by YB Minister was held shortly after the opening ceremony expired. There are 43 exhibition booths that have participated in the exhibition involving government departments and private agencies. This year, it has become the 9th year of Dura Technology has been invited to take part in this exhibition. During the exhibition, YB Minister, along with JKR Officers, was briefed by Ir. Dr. Voo Yen Lei, on UHPC's technology.

Also present at the opening ceremony was YB Tuan Haji Mohd Anuar bin Mohd Tahir, Deputy Minister of Works, YBhg. Dato 'Sri Zohari Bin Haji Akob, Secretary General of the Ministry of Works, senior officers of the Public Works Department and senior officers of the Public Works Department. Among the essence of YB Minister's speech are:

• Industrial Revolution 4.0

• Procurement Policy of the Pakatan Harapan Government

• Empowering the Implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Dura Technology wishes to record the highest gratitude to the hosts of the Kedah State Department for hosting this conference. Hopefully, the commitment and effort of JKR staff in Malaysia to uphold the department to a higher level is ongoing.

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People's Republic of China officers visited DTSB

04IPOH, 20 JUNE 2018: The chairman of ZhongLu-Dura International Engineering Co. Ltd (中路杜拉国际工程有限公司)Mr. Mao Zhi Jian (毛志坚) has brought 12 people in a team of top government officers from People’s Republic of China (PRC) visited some of the highlighted bridge projects in Perak using Dura UHPFRCFRC precast girders. These group of distinguished guests consists of (1) Mr. Ye Gui Ying, general manager of Guangdong ShunKong Traffic Investment Co., Ltd (叶桂莹, 总经理 , 广东顺控交通投资有限公司), (2) Zhou Cheng Dong, Vice President, Guangdong Shunde Holding Group Co., Ltd (周乘东, 副总裁, 广东顺德控股集团有限公司); (3) Liang Yong Bin, Deputy Director, Shunde Area, Country-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office, (梁泳斌, 副主任, 顺德区国有资产监督管理办公室), and (4) Zhan Guo Liang, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Hua Sui Construction Group Co., Ltd, (詹国良,副总经理, 广东华隧建设集团股份有限公司).

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Experts From The Czech Republic in Dura Technology

IPOH: Group of four visitor from Czech Republic which include Prof. Drahmir Novak and Associate Prof. David Lehky from Brno University of Technology, while Dr. Radomir Pukl and Martin Berka  from Cervenka Consulting were visit Dura Technology Sdn Bhd  Factory on 24th April 2018.
They toured the factory’s production process of bridge segments , and an experimental testing of specimens in three-point and  four-point bending configurations for expert discussion, knowledge exchange and establishing a future cooperation.

Later on, during the presentation session, two professors from Brno University of Technology presented the FraMePID-3PB software for mechanical fracture parameter identification of plain concrete which is now being extended for UHPFRC. The presentation include, parameter identification procedure implemented within the software uses artificial neural network-based inverse analysis.

Meanwhile, two representatives of developers, Červenka Consulting company from Prague presented main aspects and features of the software which is nonlinear finite element software ATENA ( to excels in realistic simulation of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

They showed the main advantages compared to other commercial software highlighting its tight connection with the reliability software FReET ( and the identification software FraMePID-3PB. The whole system is very powerful tool for reliability analysis and lifetime prediction of bridges and other structures.

Finally, possibilities of future cooperation were discussed. There is a high interest from both sides especially related to mechanical fracture parameter identification and FraMePID software development. “We have planned to collaborate with Dura Technology to develop our software (FraMePID-3PB & ATENA) in Ultra High Performance Concrete,’’ they said. The Czech group will analyze data from Dura Technology company and will consider them for implementation into the software. A future international project collaboration will be appreciated by both sides.

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