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People's Republic of China officers visited DTSB

04IPOH, 20 JUNE 2018: The chairman of ZhongLu-Dura International Engineering Co. Ltd (中路杜拉国际工程有限公司)Mr. Mao Zhi Jian (毛志坚) has brought 12 people in a team of top government officers from People’s Republic of China (PRC) visited some of the highlighted bridge projects in Perak using Dura UHPFRCFRC precast girders. These group of distinguished guests consists of (1) Mr. Ye Gui Ying, general manager of Guangdong ShunKong Traffic Investment Co., Ltd (叶桂莹, 总经理 , 广东顺控交通投资有限公司), (2) Zhou Cheng Dong, Vice President, Guangdong Shunde Holding Group Co., Ltd (周乘东, 副总裁, 广东顺德控股集团有限公司); (3) Liang Yong Bin, Deputy Director, Shunde Area, Country-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office, (梁泳斌, 副主任, 顺德区国有资产监督管理办公室), and (4) Zhan Guo Liang, Deputy General Manager, Guangdong Hua Sui Construction Group Co., Ltd, (詹国良,副总经理, 广东华隧建设集团股份有限公司).

During the first site visit, the group travelled 180 km North to the 100-meter single span UHPC Batu 6 bridge site and another 100km to the centre first spine bridge. The Batu 6 bridge was the major inspiration to them as the Batu 6 bridge shows the lightness of the superstructure and the advantages of what high strength concrete can do. This structure provides first bridge over the River Perak, enabling safer, easier transportation to and from the small city of Gerik. The groups agreed the UHPFRC technology has big potential market in PRC as it that can reduce overall maintenance cost, reduce carbon footprint and most importantly, it enhanced the overall serviceability or service life of the structures built using UHPFRC.

The next day, the officers from PRC, were attend to the Dura factory in Chemor. Following that, the CEO of DTSB Adj. Prof. Ir. Dr. YL Voo presented the talk on Ultra-High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete to educate about UHFPRC and to create an understanding on it’s applications as to how it can be more sustainable compared to current technology. After that, the demonstration of the sand type used in production has been showed by Dr. Voo and also steel fibre type used during mixing of UHPFRC to give the participants an opportunity to experience the material itself.

The honourable guest and participants were impressed by the possibilities and capability of this material. The chairman of Zhunglu-Dura International Engineering Co. Ltd Mr Mao believe that this technology is able to bring huge benefit to PRC and bring China to a higher level in constructions in the world and is able to put China as a leading country in using this material.

PRC officers visited Batu 6 bridge.
PRC officers visited CFS bridge.
Distingushed guests witnessing the mxiing of UHPFRC.
PRC officers visited Dura factory.
PRC officers visited Batu 6 bridge.
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