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The First 18 UHPC Pedestrian Bridges in China Completed Within Two Months

23On October 23, as the Xiangtan Furong Avenue rapid transformation project (Xiangtan section) and the Tanzhou Avenue rapid transformation project (Xiangtan section) opened to traffic, a total of 18 UHPC pedestrian bridges on the two rapid transformation project avenues will become both sides of the avenue a convenient bridge for citizens to travel.

The 11 UHPC pedestrian bridge projects were jointly completed by Hunan ZhungLu Huacheng Bridge Technology Co., Ltd. and ZhungLu-Dura International Engineering Co., Ltd. The early UHPC beams were prefabricated by ZhungLu-Dura’s Guangdong Jiangmen UHPC R&D and production base, and then shipped to ZhungLu Hua Cheng Xiangtan UHPC R&D and production base is spliced, stretched and transported to the site for erection.

Tanzhou Avenue large tract rapid transformation project (Xiangtan) construction unit for integrated transport Xiangtan Construction Investment Co., Ltd is Hunan Sixth Engineering Limited. This paragraph lake state on the road to set up a total of seven UHPC pedestrian bridge, also completed by the Hunan Road, Hua Cheng Qiaoliang Technology Co., Ltd. and ZhungLu-Dura International Engineering Co., Ltd.

It seems ordinary and strange, but it is as easy but difficult. ZhungLu Hua Cheng and ZhungLu-Dura’s site management, construction personnel into full ultra-high performance concrete UHPC characteristics of ultra-high strength, high toughness, day and night fighting line, in just 45 days high standard completed this 18 UHPC pedestrian bridge construction tasks , which UHPC 204 segments beam, U beam 10 segments , and each bridge span 30-36 meters .
The 18 UHPC pedestrian bridges have the following characteristics:
  • Excellent performance
UHPC ultra-high performance concrete material is excellent, with a compressive strength of more than 150MPa; its flexural strength is 10 times that of conventional concrete; its design life is extremely long, reaching 200 years; the bridge girder body is maintenance-free for life and has low operating costs.
  • Lightweight structure
One span crosses the main road and has a wide view. The beam body is a fully prefabricated structure. The installation is fast and the main beam is installed in only 4 hours. The traffic control is reduced to the greatest extent and it is convenient for citizens to travel.
  • Cost economy
Compared with steel box girder, the 18 UHPC pedestrian bridges on Furong Avenue and Tanzhou Avenue save 20% of the cost.

It is reported that the Xiangtan Furong Avenue and Tanzhou Avenue rapid transformation project is to add two efficient and fast free passages between Changsha and Xiangtan on the basis of the existing Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and Changtan West Expressway. The commuting time of the two cities will be reduced from the current more than 40 minutes reduced to 25 or so, which addresses the detour distance between the two cities, slow, long time, high travel costs, low efficiency, serious problems such as congestion and holidays, but also to significantly reduce two City of flow, logistics flow between cost and build efficient, smooth half-hour economic circle, two inject new vitality into the sustainable development of the city, bringing new benefits to the people of the two cities.

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