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Single Span of Pedestrian Bridge in Selama, Perak

Project: To Replace Pedestrian Bridge at FT001/671/70, Larut, Matang dan Selama, Perak. D.R.

(Menggantikan Jejantas Di Laluan FT001/671/70 Daerah Larut Matang Dan Selama, Perak D.R.)

GPS Location: 4.787472°N, 100.722296°E

Structure Type: Single Span 28m x 2.8m wide UHPC Bridge System with Precast Staircase

Superstructure Feature:  1 piece of DURA® UTG1200 – 28m

Substructure Feature: RC Columns

Foundation Feature: 300mm Micro-Pile

Loading Type: 5 kPa (BD37/01)

Client: Kementerian Kerja Raya Malaysia

S.O.: Jurutera Daerah, JKR Larut Matang & Selama

Consultant: Jurutera Awam (Jalan), JKR Larut Matang & Selama

Contractor: Belati Wangsa (M) Sdn. Bhd

Contract Period: 18 months

Project signboard and detail.
Uploading UTG segment to storage yard for PT work.
Preparation of temporary platform.
Aligning first segment (160520).
Aligning last segments.
Tighening the segmental joints temporarily.
Piers ready to receive beam.
Post tensiong work of the UTG birder in progress.
Uploading of UTG1200 to construction site (160620).
Uploading UTG1200 beam on to pole-trailer.
Prepartion on crane setting and ready for beam lifting.
Transportation of beam for beam launching.
UTG1200-28m already positioned on the piers.
Positioning of UTG1200 beam.
UTG1200-30m nicely seated on the peirs (150620).
UTG beam span across the busy road.
Inside view of the U troigh beam.
Project signboard and detail.
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下埔径口桥 Xia Pu Jing Kuo Bridge using Dura UHPC I-beam in China

Project: Guangdong Old Bridge Reconstruction Project (广东省旧桥改造项目) Part 3 (下埔径口桥)

GPS Location: 23.891351 N; 116.688291 E

Structure Type: Four spans simply supported 12m (2 spans) and 15m (2 spans) by 6.6m wide UHPC composite bridge system

Superstructure Feature: Five (5) pieces per span of precast/prestress UHPC I-beam composited with reinforced NSC deck (total 20 pcs UHPC I-beam)

Substructure Feature: Cast in-situ RC piers

Foundation Feature

Loading Type: First class load of highway 公路桥涵设计通用规范 (JTG D60-2015)

Client:    广东省基础工程集团有限公司 (Guangdong Foundation Engineering Group Co, Ltd.)

Consultant: 中铁二院工程集团有限责任公司 (CREC, China Railway Engineering Corporation)

Contractor: 广东华隧建设集团股份有限公司     Guangdong Hua Tunnel Construction Group Co. Ltd

Construction Status: Under Construction       

Beam launching in progress (080620)
Four spans of UHPC I beams positioned (080620).
Five beams per span.
Placing UHPC left-in formwork on to the beams.
Placing left-in formwork (090620).
Beam launching in progress (080620)
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Mont Kiara Bridge, Kuala Lumpur using Dura IB850 Two Spans

Project: To Proposed Main Entrance Road (80 Feet Road Reserves) From Front of Lot 2370 to Front of Lot 2368/2363 As well as Adjoining Development Lot, Mukim Batu, Territory Federation of Kuala Lumpur.

(Cadangan Pembinaan Jalan Keluar Masuk Utama ( Rezab Jalan 80 Kaki) Bermula Dari Hadapan Lot 2370 Sehingga Hadapan Lot 2368/2363 Serta Lot – Lot Pembangunan Bersebelahan,  Mukim Batu,  Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur)

GPS Location: 3.1688070, 101.6408440

Structure Type:. Two Spans UHPFRC Beam Composite In Situ Deck Bridge System  45m x 12.195m

Superstructure Feature:  16 Pieces of Dura IB850 – 22.6m

Substructure Feature: RC Columns

Foundation Feature: 300mm Micro Pile

Loading Type:

Client: Qiana Development Sdn. Bhd

S.O.: Pembinaan YSL

Consultant: JPCT

Contractor: Dura Construction Sdn. Bhd

Contract Period: 140 day

Construction Status: Under Construction
Bridge site.
Construction of substructures in progress.
Pile cap for intermediate pier.
Bridge site.
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