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Construction of Integrated Structures on Both Sides of Chandani Chowk Junction, Pune City in the State of Maharashtra, India Using UBG2250 and BT1500

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Project Title

Construction of Integrated Structures Along with Development of other Allied Structures on Both Sides of Chandani Chowk Junction (Ch.842+580) of NH-4 in Pune City in the State of Maharashtra

Project Year



Completed Project



GPS Cordinates

18.507333 E, 73.783778 N

Structure Type

Vehicular Overpass with UHPFRC Beam Composite In Situ Deck Bridge System (Main span 57m, Ramp 6 spans x 23m to 35m, total length 193m)

Superstructure Feature

33 pieces of DURA® TB1500 – 23m to 35m, 33 nos and pieces of DURA® UBG2250 – 57m

Substructure Feature

RC Pile Piers

Foundation Feature

Open Foundation

Loading Type

3 Lane Loading Combinations as per IRC-6:2017 (70R + Class A)


National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

Superintendent Officer (S.O.)

CEG Limited


NCC Ltd.

Indian Consultant

Longspan Structures Pvt. LTd.

Technology & Proof Consultant

Spectrum Techno Consultant Pvt. Ltd., Technogem