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DURA® PFS - Portal Frame System


Portal Frame System (PFS) is a newly invented system for the construction of warehouse/factory using the revolutionary composite material of ultra-high performance concrete and high-carbon-high-tensile steel fibres (UHPdC). It is an excellent solution for long span warehouse/factory which consists of overall width ranging 120 ~ 260 ft and each frame is spaces 30 ~ 40 ft apart.

  • DURA® PFS compose of two major structural elements being the prestressed Dura® X650 Beam/Column and Dura® Connector.
  • Dura® X650 Beam/Column are typically prestress to 70~80% of the 'guaranteed' tensile strength of the strands. Strands used are 15.2 mm diameter 7-wire super strands (low relaxation) complying with AS 1311; with a guaranteed tensile load of 250 kN and ultimate breaking load of 270 kN.
  • The UHPdC used for the DURA® X650 Beam/Column and Dura® Connector has a cylinder compressive strength range between 120 to 140 MPa (equivalent to cube compressive strength of 130 to 160 MPa), and modulus of rupture over 15 MPa.
  • DURA® X650 beam/column eliminate the used of conventional steel reinforcing bars and stirrups. All steel fibres used are made from high carbon steel wires with tensile strength of 2300 MPa.

Advantages of Using DURA® PFS
  • DURA® PFS are highly durable and impermeable. It is therefore suitable for use even in harsh environments.
  • The construction sequence and method of DURA® PFS is similar to the conventional steel portal frame system where bolt & nut is used to connect the members.
  • No scaffolding, props or formwork are required over the supports, thus reducing construction site activities, improving safety margins and eliminating in-situ casting work (except sealing off the construction joints and some minor details).
  • Ease of handling/transportation and installation - DURA® PSF is about the same total weight when compare to steel structures.
  • Members used in DURA® PSF are guaranteed volumetrically stable as steam curing was employed to reduce creep and accelerate all long term shrinkage of the UHPdC.
  • DURA® PFS can be produced to desire dimension with incremental width of 10 ft. Spans outside the indicated range can be considered on request.
  • Due to its high durability, high ductility and high fatigue strength, it provides excellent resistance against impact and abrasion loads.
  • Dura® PFS is supporting the green visionary as it is a more environmental freely material compare to steel structure.

Technical Data



Table 1: Technical Data for DURA® PSF and X650 Beam/Column
                                       Unit PFS UB650
Length L1 m(ft) 36.6 ~ 48.8
(120 ~ 160)
L2 m(ft) 15.24(50)
L3 m 67 ~ 79
(220 ~ 260)
L4 m 8.6 8.6
L5 m 16.66 ~ 22.85
Weight W kN/m 2.4
Sectional   Area Ag x 103 mm2 100
Neutral   Axis ytop mm 325
ybot mm 325
Moment   of Inertia Ixx x 109 mm4 6.708
Section   Modulus Ztop x 106 mm3 20.64
Zbot x 106 mm3 20.64

Technical Data


Storage of Precast DURA® UB650 Beams/Columns
Storage of Precast DURA® UB650 Beams/Columns
Positioning of Columns
Lifting of DURA® Connector
Columns & Connectors Assembled
Installation of Steel Lateral Bracing
Lifting of DURA® UB650 Internal Rafter
Internal Rafter Fastened to Connector
Int. Rafter Installed and Tied by Steel Purlins
Installation of Cantilever Rafters
Installation of Purlins and Cross Bracings
Completion of Purlin Installation
Completion of Four Bay of Portal Frames
Installation of Free Standing Walls
Installation of Metal Roofing
Completion of Portal Frame Building
Storage of Precast DURA® UB650 Beams/Columns
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