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DURA® SRWS - Short Retaining Wall System


Short Retaining Wall System is an ultra-light-weight and highly durable L-shaped cantilever wall manufactured using ultra-high performance 'ductile' concrete (UHPdC). Each wall has a standard length of 3 m (other length can be customized upon special request). DURA® SRWS comes with three standard heights (i.e. 1.0m, 1.5m and 2.0m).
DURA® SRWS can be used as earth retaining structure or drain construction; marine wall for erosion protection for sea-shore and other application where durable system is required.

  • DURA® SRWS consists of thin wall panel of 20 to 70 mm in thickness.
  • The UHPdC used for the DURA® SRWS has compressive strength ranges between 130 to 150 MPa, and modulus of rupture over 20 MPa.
  • DURA® SRWS eliminates the use of conventional steel reinforcing bars (except where starter bar is needed for connection detail). Instead, steel fiber is used and the steel fibers used are made from high carbon steel wires with tensile strength of 2300 MPa.
  • 50mm diameter weep holes are provided.
  • Pre-positioned bolts are provided for connection purpose.
Advantages of Using DURA® SRWS
  • DURA® SRWS is highly durable. It is therefore suitable for use in extremely aggressive environments such as marine environments or chemically active plants.
  • DURA® SRWS is easy to install due to its ultra-light weight property. Pre-positioned bolts & nuts system are used to fasten the walls together to ensure alignment and continuity of the walls (except some grout maybe needed for uneven floor base).
  • Special skew angle can be customized at the floor base panel to accommodate none-straight alignment profile.
  • No scaffolding, props or formwork are required over the entire installation, thus reducing construction site activities, improving safety margins and eliminating in-situ casting work.
  • DURA® SRWS is many times lighter than conventional R.C. wall system.
  • DURA® SRWS is guaranteed to be volumetrically stable.
  • DURA® SRWS is not only chemical-weather-proof, but can be also customized to be fire-proof.
  • DURA® SRWS is aesthetically pleasing as its finish surface is smooth.
  • DURA® SRWS is a "GREEN" product that supports the visionary of sustainable development by reducing the consumption of raw material, embodied energy (EE), CO2 emissions and global warming potential (GWP).

Comparison of conventional to DURA® SRWS 15/10

DURA® SRWS 25/20

srws-9-photo 2

Environmental Impact Comparison
srws-2-environmental impact


DURA® SRWS 15/10 Cross Section

srws-4-technical data 1

Table 1: Technical Data for DURA® SRWS
srws-5-technical data 2

Table 2: Technical Data for DURA® SRWS 25/20
                                     Symbol Unit SRWS25/20
Total Height H m 2.5
Total Base Width B m 2.0
Total Length L m 2.0
Panel Thickness T mm 30 –   40 mm
Self Weight W kg/m
Note: DURA® SRWS is designed to withstand up to 20 kPa surcharged load.

Dura® SRWS can be used in a number of ways such as:

Example 1: Monsoon drain construction composite with in-situ RC deck
srws-6-example 1
srws-10-example 1a

Example 2: Retaining seawall at shoreline
srws-7-example 2

srws-11-example 2a

Example 3: For curve profile
srws-8-example 3

srws-12-example 3a

srws-13-example 3b

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