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DURA® Wall Panel 70/20


DURA® WP70/20
Wall Panel 70/20 is a thin wall panel manufactured using ultra-high performance ductile concrete (UHPdC). Each panel has a total height of 7 m and a total width of 2 m. The wall panel has multiple purposes such as it can be used in conjunction with Dura® PFS (Portal Frame System), serve as thin wall panel against wind/rain/sunshine/dust/spy. Besides, the wall panel can be customized to serve as acoustic panel against noise; security panel against thief; protective panel against blast and impact loading; impermeable membrane against highly corrosive compound and fire.

  • DURA® WP70/20 consists of thin wall panel of 30 mm in thickness, two ribbed beams as wide as 75 mm and a base pad of 100 mm in thickness.
  • The UHPdC used for the DURA® WP70/20 has characteristic compressive strength ranges between 100 to 120 MPa, and characteristic flexural strength of 15 MPa.
  •  DURA® WP70/20 eliminates the use of conventional steel reinforcing bars and stirrups. All steel fibres used are made from high carbon steel wires with tensile strength of 2300 MPa.
  • Special lifting anchors are provided to improve the safety margin during handling and installation.
Advantages of DURA® WP70/20
  • DURA® WP70/20 is highly durable and impermeable. It is therefore suitable for use in extremely aggressive environments such as marine environments or chemically active plants.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is easy to install. Simple conventional drop-in anchors or pre-positioned bolts & nuts are used to connect the wall panel to the floors (except some grout maybe needed for uneven floor base).
  • No scaffolding, props or formwork are required over the entire installation, thus reducing construction site activities, improving safety margins and eliminating in-situ casting work.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is many times lighter than conventional R.C. wall system.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is guaranteed to be geometrically stable as they are steam-cured to minimized creep and long-term shrinkage.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is not only weather-proof, but can be also customized to fire-proof.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is aesthetically pleasing as its finish surface is smooth and colors of the wall are subjected to request.
  • DURA® WP70/20 is a durable structure that supports the "GREEN" visionary of sustainable development.
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Table 1 : Technical Data for DURA® WP70/20
Symbol Unit DURA® WP70/20
Total Height of Wall H m 7.0
Total Width of Wall B m 2.0
Panel Thickness t mm 30
Self Weight of Wall W kg / pc 2400
Ribs Depth D mm 135 ~ 500
[500 – 52.8986 y]
Section Area­ Ag x 103 mm2 Min. 7.75; Max. 130.5
[0.15 D + 55.5]
Neutral Axis­ ytop mm Min. 67.5; Max. 250
[0.5 D]
ybot mm
2nd Moment of Inertia­ Ixx mm4 Min. 0.0349e9; Max. 1.5667e9
[4162500 + 12.5 D3]
Section Modulus­ Ztop mm3 Min. 0.7331e6; Max. 6.5275e6
[277500 + 25 D2]
Zbot mm3
Design Gust Wind Speed* Vs m/s (km/hr) 31 (112)
Vu m/s (km/hr) 40 (144)
Design Wind Pressures* ps kPa 0.46 (SLS)
pu kPa 0.77 (ULS)
Natural Frequency, 1st f­o,1 Hz 3.9
y   is the distance along the ribbed beams (in meters)
↑   Analytical expression in term of D (in mm)
*   AS 1170.2 (1989) – Wind loads

Non-Linear Finite Element Modeling

Construction Sequence
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wp7020-7-install 2

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